Thursday, August 31, 2006

better day?

Today i am feeling much better. so good in fact i'm going to call my friend julie and hopefully go scrapbookin' at her place tonight. yeehaw!
but first i must do all my mommy and wifely duties aka sweep, mop, lunch, dinner, already vacuumed, maybe start laundry. my life can be sooo exciting can't it??
the kids and i went to sears to pick up wyatts 2 yr. pictures as soon as they opened this morning. this was the hardest photo shoot i have erver done. little man did not want to sit still, heaven forbid to ask him or try to pose him. thankfully we got maybe three good shots. one shot was cropped and i think it was the best shot of him. maybe next year he will either calm down to sit still or i'll be good enough in my photography to do my own portraits. that would be way to cool.
it is so humid right now that i just want to get my stuff done so i can relax and stop sweating. yuck.
if i had a scanner i could post a picture out of wyatt sears photo shoot
but maybe i'll find a different one to use. ahh, little man at his birthday party. he had such a good day that day all playing and no whining(sp?).
enough for now, i must get on with my duties. hope all is good for you, have a blessed day
he is such a cutie. he is such a pistol. he is wyatt and i love him dearly.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


No i didn't party last night, but dang do i feel bad. i ended up not going to work because i had a fever, headache with bad body ache. today i feel slightly better but my body just hurts. there is no comfortable postion to sit or lie in. kim says that i show the signs of west nile virus. by looking at my legs there are enough mosquito bites it could be true. if i continue to feel bad i will call the doctor tomorrow.
last night my mother in law kept my rugrats overnight and took them to the zoo. they were wiped out when they got home. kelly slept from 11:30 to almost 3pm and wyatt woke up when he came in the house but now he has been napping since 1:30 and it now 3:30. Thanks inez!! with me not feeling good you have made my job as a mom easier today. i'm really not wanting to go to work but i have tomorrow off so i will suffer.
Tomorrow we pick up wyatts 2 yr pictures from sears. maybe this will give me the incentive to get the thank you cards done from his birthday party. i know bad mommy. i am such a procrastinator.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Good Tuesday morning,
Well it's official I am now "in" my 30's. On this day 31 yrs ago my mom popped me out. teehehee. Today is going to be another ordinary day. The kids and I are going to the park mall play area for a play date with my friend Michelle and her kids. They (the kids) have a good time together. Otherwise I'm working tonight so this is just a regular day. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a normal day and I did go to rose canyon lake on sunday so it's all good.
As I was getting the kids their breakfast I started thinking about what some of my dreams and fantasies are. This is my day and I can dream right? Here goes.
I really want to go to Scotland next year. I want to build and move into my dream home. I would love to have a second vehicle again and to be able to afford gas for both. I would like to either own my own scrapbooking business or a B&B scrapbook retreat. Um let's see what else. Some new clothes would be nice. To be able to travel to or visit far away friends or bring them here.
The one thought that is pressing is that my kids and husband always feel and know that I love them and that I want them to be happy.
oh yeah, I wish I could afford a maid and to have fresh flowers on the table weekly and to have a gorgeous flower garden with a waterfall.
Some of my dreams are achieveable but I would have to get off the computer or my own butt to do them. Sometimes that just seems to hard or to far away.
Marcus Solero said this," A possibility was born the day you were born and it will live as long a you live."
Anything is possible. Carrie

Sunday, August 27, 2006

more pictures from Sunday

Okay I'll try to post 3 more pictures.
You can read the rest down below. I can't stress enough about how eveyone had such a good time just being together and relaxing. Love them all. They are good peoples. Carrie

beautiful day

This afternoon our family including both grandma's and "uncle monkey" all went up to Rose canyon lake for my birthaday. It was a refreshing change than

being in town in one of our houses. The weather couldn't have been better. It was gorgeous there. With all the rain lately the lake was full and the mountain was sooo GREEN. The kids seemed to have alot of fun. Poor Wyatt though, he kept tripping and falling while climbing and running around. We got to the picnic site and immediately ate lunch and then we headed down to check out the lake. It was Ma and Mikeys first time. You can actually go almost all the way around but only the right side has this little walkway. There were actually lots of people coming and going but all were pleasant. Once we started heading back to the site for cake Kelly told us she had to use the bathroom but once she saw the "toilet" she refused to go. But after cake when she HAD to go we went without a problem but she kept telling me she had to flush it. "Mommy how do I flush it?" At least she is trained to flush after going. After just relaxing for a little while Rob and Mikey started throwing the frisbee then it got tossed to me then Ma joined in. It was a funny sight watching ma and I trying to throw straight, with Rob and Mike teasing us. It was a great day. It didn't start out great...

Wyatt got into my contact lense case this morning and managed to lose one of my lenses. Of course it was my last pair and now I have to wear glasses until we can afford to get a new exam and prescription. Anyway.. here is a good shot of Dad and Kelly at the lake. I've been trying to post other pictures but they are not showing up. VERY FRUSTRATING. GRRRR. Anyway it was still a cool day and I can't wait to go camping with the kids. (I know I'm crazy). Have a good Sunday

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Howdy all,
let's see what is up around the Ross Roost. Friday afternoon I broke a toe. thats been real pleasure, especially since we are going up to Mt.lemmon tomorrow for my birthday. speaking of birthday I would like to give a shout out to Chuck and JoAnn for my card that also came in yesterday. Thankyou. I can't wait to visit with them in October. Cool peoples.
Otherwise it's been a nice day so far. we hit wallyworld before 7:30 so it was nice and calm. Right now Wyatt is taking a nap and Kellys got a movie on while I'm stalking other blogs and reading a good book. Mr.Rob is at his fantasy football draft party till about 4 tonight.
Hey it's just nice not having to work on Saturday. Just wish i could go shopping. Tomorrow we head up to the mountain to rose canyon lake to picnic and hang out. I hope to get some good pictures. Rob and I are looking to redecorate the living room and I would like to see some black and white (b&w) trees, lake and flower pictures. So I will keep working on my photography skills.
The rest of today should be relaxing, except I need to go to the grocery store later (yuck!) I hate busy places. Have a great weekend and maybe i'll post tomorrow night. Maybe have some pictures.
Lunch time!
Please note I love to ramble on. Try to keep up. hehehe

Friday, August 25, 2006

hi all,
I know i said tomorrow would be the first post but Rob just got home from work and isn't happy that it's all about me. Even though i will be doing all the posting. this is to be the "Family" blog not just me. So as we go forward you will see some changes.


Ok gang this blog is for everyone to read about the ramblings of the Ross family. Please note YOUR name could show up!!
Since I like to read other peoples blogs I hopefully will stay up on my own. Please feel free to leave any comments. I would love to read what's on your mind.
Please don't expect this to be grammatically correct because from the title I'm just trying to keep up! Love ya lots
P.S. first real daily post is tomorrow