Monday, September 04, 2006

it's raining!

i have been waiting all day for the rain to start. it has been a cool cloudy day and you could see rain on the horizon, now its finally here!!!
Happy Labor Day! today has been a "normal" day. kids fighting, me on computer, rob working etc., but today i got 3 scrapbook layouts done and started a 4th. it's hard for me because in some ways i feel like i'm wasting time and sometimes it takes an hour to get what i want on paper. the results are what make me happy. (it doesn't help that i've been criticized before either)

Today i also tried out a new recipe called onion soup. never had onion soup before. it's okay, nothing i would invite people over for.

okay, rob is working a side job today and most saturdays the owner is offering to sell us their 1997 dodge caravan for $1500. we need a second vehicle and we need one that can hold more than 4 people. the car has 110,00 miles but is in good condition. we told the owner it would be six months before we had the money and he is fine with that. should we do it? Rob and I are going to pray about it tonight. i would love your thoughts though. carrie

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