Thursday, September 07, 2006

new month, new magazines!

Yeehaw. so far this month i have gotten my new CK(creating keepsakes) and i just bought a special issue of SS(simple scrapbooks) so right now i have tons of inspiration flowing thru my brain. I'm still waiting for three more magazines to come in. To top it all off i was on my favorite scrap site www. two peas in a and their message board where i read "new scrapbook store in Kalamazoo". Awesome i just had to leave a post congratulating them on their opening. now i can let dad and gerri know what books to buy me for b-day and christmas..can never go wrong with buying me scrap stuff that i picked out.hehe. please don't take offense at that comment it was meant only to be playful
*so right now all is quiet. wyatt crashed on the loveseat, kelly is playing quietly on the couch and the tv is off. SHOCKER! whats really nice is that i woke up to RAIN this morning. forget seattle come on down to tucson. this has been the best summer in the 13yrs i've lived here. the kids and i are in jeans and i'm sooo loving it. see this picture you can't even see the mountain. it is raining all over town and for tucson thats rare. have i driven you crazy yet???compare to how i have been feeling before the monsoon season this is like being on a happy drug. this is the weather that makes me happy. * too bad i made chili on tuesday it would have been great today. and i was going to make a veggie soup but forgot to lay out the meat so i'll make that this weekend.
anywhoo, just enjoying the day.
maybe i'll bring out the camera and snap some pictures but for now kelly is asking for lunch and rob should be home soon to join us, and i'll let wyatt sleep.
lovin it carrie
ps when i'm changin my train of thought i'm gonna throw in that asterisk so you can follow. i know i ramble and this might help you better. love ya

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ma said...

Good Evening,
Did not go to class-with as bad as our road was this morning and rain starting up again, I decided it would be best to be home. It's been a beautiful day-low temps, overcast-just your type of day. Fall is on it's way---finally.
Glad you have decided to get the van-it will all work out as I said, just think you can travel to Wilcox in that HOW Perfect. I have already thanked Rick and Merrie, they are truly dear people.

Enjoy this wonderful day, it has been trukly a gift.