Friday, September 08, 2006

spring cleaning

yeah i know i have it backward but the constant mess is driving me crazy:) we all need to get rid of some things. the kids have toys that they don't play with, i have clothes i don't wear or household items i don't need. we just need to purge. part of me would just like to pack almost everything up and put it in storage for awhile.hehe:)
*so the fall season is upon us and i'm excited about all my favorite shows coming back on. desperate housewives and greys anatomy top my list. right now i'm hooked on project runway on bravo channel. its cool watching designers come up with their outfits.back to des. housewives, the news just reported that marcia cross(bree) is pregnant in real life. kinda wondering how they will fit that in the show.
*tomorrow rob goes to traffic school. hahahahah! no, i have no right to laugh because i was right beside him and i could have told him to slow down but there was NOBODY around. the cop got us about 1mile plus out. so there goes $117 for him to sit in class from 7:30am- 3:00pm.
well the weekend is looking fairly normal, not doing anything but church, homegroup meeting, laundry, meals. etc. hope your weekend is nice and eventful. have a great weekend and i'll see ya monday!
hugs, carrie

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ma said...

hey daughter,
how about those closets, never mind-I already know the answer, just enjoy giving you a hard time.