Thursday, November 09, 2006

cheering up

Following the mark twain quote from a couple of days ago i started thinking about the bigger picture. I'm photographing the relay for life cancer walk that will happen next may. today i asked if i can be more involved. after talking to my mom just now she also wants to jump on board. I want to be more involved for several reasons. this year i lost a friend to cancer and this year a friend survived cancer and a friends daughter is still fighting cancer. i do this for them and for myself.
also today the kids and i went to Stuff The Bus. kgun 9 and the community food bank take a sun tran bus and we the people fill it with food. this project is something i have wanted to do for the last couple of years but when your family is helping buy you food and you yourself are struggling it's not an option. this year we gave and my heart feels so happy. it may not be much but it's one more step closer to the food banks goal. i hope i can teach the kids about grace and helping others with love in their hearts.

*so today i will continue to clean my scrap room. i told you it was a mess and this isn't all of it. it's under the desk and on the bookshelf to the right of the picture. take it from me it's hell.
I'm off to clean before lunch gets here.
so today i couldn't decide on which quote so i chose two.
"There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward"- Kahlil Gibran
"Those who give cheerfully give twice- once to others, once to themselves"- anonymous
edit: blogger went down so i couldn't post
i swear thursdays are my favorite day. 1, i don't have to work and 2, its ugly betty and greys anatomy. Whats your favorite day?
Edit Again: didn't get anything done because we found a new friend. His name is cody and he is a golden retriever that lives a few houses down with a nice family that just moved in. the gate was left open and the dog went for a walk. he is super sweet. we put up a sign on the corner and his owner called last night. it was so sweet to see him reunited with his family. a great dog and the kids adored him. good things came in 3's today. :)

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Julie said...

Hey Carrie!!

I updated my blog...can ya believe it??

I am thinking of switching it all to this new Windows Live Spaces, though, I will check it out over the weekend and see what I come up with.

Good job on Wyatt's room!:)