Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good News

Kim has come home!! She came home yesterday afternoon and is so grateful to be in her own space again. the downside is that she will need to go back, I believe, on Monday to start round two of chemo. I'm very excited for her and probably when i get done bloggin i'll give her a call and see how her night went.

Just dropped Kelly off to school. She didn't do her homework, which was practicing her "K's". one of the words she was suppose to write on the worksheet was her name. I thought that was cool. Ask my mom, she refuses to write her letters. "I don't wanna", and "I'm tired", are her favorite excuses. It's so frustrating. I do know that if i force her it makes things worse so I'll just let her struggle. We give her tons of encouragement but she doesn't care.
Working on my Wyatt photo library. Caught him in the laundry basket looking at a book. this tends tobe a favorite place for him to sit. He'll even sit on tons of toys in a basket. this kid is strange but so cute a cuddly.
Hugs. carrie

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