Thursday, January 04, 2007

impotent anger

oh am i pissed off!!!

last night when i got off work someone had smashed the passenger side window of the van and all they took was a bag of nightgowns for and pants that i washed for kim and the stuffed animals that people have given her while she has been in the hospital. these j-holes also took a comforter set out of my friend michelles camper shell but didn't break anything and the car next to that got hit and those fuck nuts took the guys coat and cell phone. This just so sucks. because they had broken into two vehicles they sent out a cop, so we had to wait in the cold for them to show up. obviously the security in this parking lot sucks. we are told to park on the side of the building but this is the second time a vehicle has been broken into in the month i have worked here. screw that, i'm now parking in front of the building and in sight of our cash register.
So today i have the fun of calling the insurance and my brother (glass man) to come hopefully fix the window. i say hopefully because they messed up the window frame alittle.
In other news Kim is suppose to get her results today so if i hear anything i'll check back in.

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