Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Life itself is a most wonderful fairytale", Hans Christian Andersen
Yeah well there is always a wicked witch somewhere.
Love the quote but had to add that last part. I was on the Ali Edwards site and she typed up over a 130 words that people were going to focus on this year. I retyped them in excel and saved them for me to use throughout this year. Most of the words offered touched me in some way. So who knows, maybe if i get creative i can make some layouts featuring more of the words that i felt pulled to use.
** This just in ...... .... ... Kim may be coming home tomorrow. it's still tenative but it is a big hope. She gets really tired from the chemo and nauseous but otherwise so far so good. the nodes in her neck have shrunk and that is a good sign but in all reality this cancer is fatal.
* So just another ramble and i know i complain way too much about this but I sincerely wish i didn't have to work. I know, I know, it's a fact of life but i keep thinking of all the stuff that we could do as a family, me as a photographer and me as a friend. This is something i will continue to pray but right now it's not in the cards.
There is a saying, that a year that starts off bad ends good. i really hope that this is the case for 2007. I took the truck in for an oil change and they gave me a list of recomendations that the pickup needs. add that to new tires and my expense for the truck in the next few months is about a grand. Thank god for tax returns.
Okay gotta go! Have a great day. hugs Carrie

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Julie said...

Hey Carrie,
I'm sorry I didn't get to call you last night, I fell asleep. Great news on Kim coming home...I found the BEST drug for my nausea was the Zofran that melts on your tongue, tell Kim to ask her doc for it. I think it was the fact that it melted that made me psychologically think it worked faster. I wish you didn't have to work either. I will call you one of these evenings when I actually can stay up past nine...