Wednesday, January 03, 2007


nothing new to report, just thought i would drop in and say hi.
mother in law took the kids on new years night and we watched pirates of the Caribbean2 and went to bed at 12:15a. got woken up at 3:30 by the back neighbors laughing and yelling OOOOOOO! thats all you could hear. so i went outside to ask them just to keep their voices down just a tad. keep partying no prob just lower the volume. yeah no, i yelled but they couldn't hear me and after 45 minutes we just called the cops and they sent the fire dept cause of this big bonfire they had going. within 20 minutes of the TFD being there they put water on the fire and went to bed. not me, i didn't fall back to sleep till almost five and then didn't get up till nine. ugghhh.

got all the christmas decor down and put away today. thats a relief and now my living room is back to normal. Yeah!
got all my pictures printed from the month of december. now i just have to finish the rest of the year.
i have finished both of the photo books i got for christmas. now i just need to right down all the notes that i want to remember when i'm out shooting.
but i've been playing around.
monday night therob, kids and i went to a church familys house and did some karaoke. and yes i actually sang a couple of songs. it was loud but alot of fun. i really like the layout of their house and the backyard is set for kids and there was 13+ kids running around. it was very fun.
i haven't downloaded the pictures that i took but they look pretty good.
have a good wednesday. carrie

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