Sunday, January 28, 2007

ode to Kim

Well we did it. we cut off our hair.
Now I wasn't willing to go as drastic as Rob but i did take it very short. We like it. Actually Rob had been itching to cut his hair off. this is just clippers no blade. I don't want him to really shave it but this is close. Rob and the kids came with me to get mine done. At first they were surprised. then all Rob would say is I like it, I like it. so who knows, maybe it will stay this way for awhile.
I was suppose to do this with Kim but she hasn't returned my calls all weekend. I hope all is fine. And I want to be there for her when she gets hers cut.
Kim is suppose to start round 2 of chemo this week. hopefully she will have a slightly better go of it and can come home sooner than last time.
Otherwise not much new is going on. I made a pair of pajama pants from start to finish yesterday before work and wore them to bed last night. oh so comfy. amd cute. I plan to make another this week.
really cool... the girls at Tres Amigos want me to teach them how to scrapbook!! So next sunday night i will teach them here at my house. I'm so looking forward to it. One of the girls, Jade, bought me the necklace that you see in the photo. She has one just like it and i adored it on her so she went next door and got me one. How cool is that??
It has been a gorgeous weekend here in Tucson, hope you are freezing your butt off where you are. HAHAHHa.
Oh guess what. I was looking at our fish tank thinking, "boy we need to clean it bad", when i found 9 baby fish swimming around. now we can't clean it till they get a bit bigger. The fish are mostly black and with all the muck they were hard to see. I might try to take a picture later.
Happy sunday. Carrie

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ma said...

Hi, and a Happy Sunday,

Have been having problems getting on with msn, and I have to get on thru a back door, but at least I am able to get on. My main reason was to see the pictures of Rob and Carrie--and I just love it. The scary part is Carrie looks alot like me--I'm really sorry!!!! No just kidding, my daughter is beautiful and I love her hair short--she is just soo cute.

Love to all