Friday, March 09, 2007


My 100th post. whoo hooo

Who cares right. lets get down to business.

My left ear is completely plugged and i can't hear a damn thing out of it. I've tried flushing it out with water and no help. It's driving me nuts.

Rob and I are suppose to go on a date tonight. we are to go to metro resaurant and then see wild hogs with travolta. I'm just waiting on confirmation from the sitter.

Okay big news. Our fridge went out. To the point where all the food is in coolers. The sears guy was supposed to be out yesterday and his truck broke down so was rescheduled for today. got it hard started and it should be okay until the compressor comes in. So now i'm waiting for it to cool enough to put the milk back in. Just my luck I buy six gallons of milk and the fridge goes. But thankfully our warranty doesn't expire until oct of this year and they will cover the cost of any lost food.

Called and left another message for Kim on Wednesday and still have not gotten a call back. This has now been 3 weeks. I'm done.

Put up and new mailbox since ours got bashed in a couple months ago. It's bigger and white and I like it. Now my stuff won't get ripped up when he puts it in. I didn't realize how inexpensive mail boxes are. A basic one is less than $10.

Oh yeah, I'm going to try and enroll Kelly into school for this coming fall. I need to call TAG elementary. I also need to get copies of her birth certificate. I'm excited and nervous. After talking to my friend Michelle we both agree that Kelly is ready and her son who is a month younger will be starting school this coming year too.

What's a post without a picture?
Have a great weekend!
Here's to 100 more posts.


Ma said...

Happy Saturday everyone,
Has been a better one for me, worked on the yard, bonding with my brother, discovered that my cooler is shot,and the way that my step father had it rigged really sucked, sooo, it will take a few days (hopefully) to get the new on ready to be mounted back on the roof. Too many things to write about--spring break has arrived so no school this week, though I will be plenty busy.
Enjoy a wonderful weekend

Julie said...

Hey Carrie!!

Sorry about the fridge..!!! I can't imagine what a pain that would be.

Guess what we did this weekend?? We signed a contract on a new HOUSE!!!!! Makes me ill to think about it, but I'm excited just the same!!! I'll call you soon (not committing to a time...) and tell you all about it!!

Want to come scrap soon? What days are you off??