Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend wrap up

So before dinner and during dinner photos. We had a lot of fun at sushi and both of us were stuffed. I think we ate 9 rolls. ugh...... I was
taking random shots of us and realized two things. 1. how heavy I have gotten and 2. I need to re color my hair. Bad roots and the gray is going crazy. But otherwise a very lovely evening.

It was nice for me to let go and take some photos in a restaurant. we just propped up the camera on the sushi bar and just experimented. This is kinda a typical look for me when I want to torment Rob.

There were actually very few people out there. When I did this a couple of years ago the track was hopping. People ditched out at like 2 am because it was sooo cold. It got down to 46? I slept for 2-3 hours total, i think. And when I awoke there was no one around.
For a first time taking pictures I was very happy. Especially with the equipment I had. I hope the committee will like them. Speaking of committees I was on one. Yep Annette put me on as a committee member for photography. I ended up with 2 t-shirts. One white team shirt and one orange committee shirt. Cool.
I did get my luminarias late that night so didn't get to do the sort of decorating that I would have like. I don't have tons of scrap crap for nothing right?? But all available to me was permanent markers. this is what the looked like before I turned them in. I took a picture of the glowing too. And I took pictures of the ceremony. These pictures have not been touched up yet.
If I ever get to do a scrap page on this night I want to use that extra space on the curved luminary lane picture for some journaling.

After I got home I slept on and off for several hours, got up a and fed the kids lunch and went right back to sleep. I did go scrapbooking like I had planned but I came home as soon as I started to feel tired, which was at 10pm. I think I am still trying to catch up on my sleep but then I don't know cause when I feel tired and I do go to bed I can't sleep.

Sunday was quiet. just chilled out at home. Hope your weekend was a nice one.

Hey Julie!! Thank you for the check, it came Saturday.

So happy monday. Carrie


ma said...

Well Carrie,
We survived the relay, dang but it got cold !!! Like you, I was disappointed in the turn out, but as Wyatt says "we did it" and even though I was not feeling the greatest I was bound and determined that I would make it.
You know, someday I will not be able to do this, but my time with you is so very precious to me, you just never know, life can sometimes play some pretty bad jokes on a person. So, daughter, thank you for the evening, just being with you made it all worth it.

Love you,

Julie said...

Hi Carrie!
You are welcome for the check, wish it could be more...but buying this house is tapping me out!! I was very touched to see my name on that Relay for Life sign, it brought tears to my eyes. The whole cancer thing seems at times to have happened to someone else. We thought about coming out, but I have been fighting with my allergies so bad lately, and the wind is making life pretty miserable right now. Thanks so much for the tribute and luminaria.