Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What we did on Saturday 16th

the kids and I hit the mall on Saturday so that I could pick up some wide head bands at Claire's. Well the kiddos fell in love with all the colors of the necklaces and bracelets and earrings oh my! Kelly saw all the different earrings and asked if she could have them. I had to explain that they put a hole in your ears and that it hurts for a few seconds..... this is a recap of what we told her the night before when she was playing with my earrings. We grabbed her ear and pinched to show her kinda how it would feel. Yeah, she didn't like that but once she saw all the earrings, things changed)...... So we talked to the lady about doing a double piercing where the ladies stand on either side and get it done. So Kelly climbs up into the seat and waits while they find a second gun and I let her pick out whatever earring that she wants. She choose blue (her favorite color) and also her birthstone. Then the ladies counted to 3....1....2 pierced.....3 tears start. Kelly only cried for a minute and was much better when they gave her 2 suckers.
So far she is healing great and we are cleaning her ears 3x a day like instructed. In 6-8 weeks we will do a little shopping for some new earring to coinside with school. Haha.

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ma said...

You all know that I had been asking when would we get Kelly's ears pierced--I love it--now I can go earring shopping !!!!!!