Thursday, July 12, 2007

Photo shoot

So I was talking to my Mom and she would like me to take Wyatt's 3 yr pictures instead of us going to Sears. So I thought I would practice on Kelly first to get things set. Knowing Wyatt he isn't going to give me much and I will have to work very fast.

This shot of Kelly would be perfect as an 8x10 and put some type of quote on the black space to her right.

This bottom picture is so typical of these two right now. For the life of me I couldn't get them to work together.

Kelly is huffing cause she has to share the light with Wyatt and Wyatt could care less, he really just wants to get down off the kitchen table.
Now after I had taken a bunch of shots I uploaded so that we could check them out. That's when I noticed how "cool" they looked. So I flipped over my reflector and tried the warm side. These last two shots of Kelly relect that.

So lesson learned. I need a helper to hold the reflector. I need a helper to work with Wyatt so that I can take a clear picture of him. I changed my settings so that they were faster but that boy is greased lightning.

Look at all the red in their hair?

I have mom on a hunt to find a picture of Mikey at Wyatt's age. Right now with all that hair he reminds me so much of Mikey it's not funny. Not that that is a bad thing, it just amazes me. So I have one more backdrop to try out and I must take notes so that I know what techniques worked for me with each color.

So for Dad here is Today's pictures of the kids. And one of me trying to wrestle Wyatt into place so that I could take one picture of him.

This just reaffirms that I'm not going to waste money at Sears to get wholly frustrated so that I might get a shot of Wyatt for his 3rd year photos. I'll do it myself and I can do it over a few days.

I have a remote switch that can trigger the shutter on the camera. I am struggling with Kelly cause she wants to push the button. No problem, except she wants to look up into the camera and all I get is a shot of her nostrils. Not cute. And the switch is only two feet long. I need to look for a 6fter. Oh, Rooobbb......... ;)

But this includes Kelly in the process and makes her more of a willing subject. Now if I could just get Wyatt to sit still...........

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ma said...

Very interesting,
You had asked me for a picture of Mikey when he was little, well I found, he's two and your four. The weirdest thing--you and Kelly look alot alike. The picture was taken after we had come back from texas and you two had your cowboy hats on. Now the picture is kind of washed out and I will look for a better one, but just you wait till you see it.