Tuesday, July 24, 2007

They say it's your birthday.....

It's my baby boy's 3rd birthday!

That boy will not look at the camera for ANYTHING!!!

He had a very happy day. Thomas the Tank engine was present everywhere. His gifts include; birthday money from Grandpa Percy, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Joann and G-Grandma Billig. Wyatt got lots of new underwear, Thomas the train flashlight, train set, coloring books, carrying case, new trains, "Cars" outfits, and extra train tracks, dinosaur that walks. Lots of stuff to keep him busy.

Your birthday party guests include: mom, dad, kelly, nina percy, grandmom ross, grandpa foth, uncle mikey, amanda, clayton and donovan hershey (hopefully one day the hersheys will become percys') ;)

So for Wyatt's 3rd Birthday (which is actually today) a list of Wyatt's 3 favorite things

Toys; Thomas, Toy Story, Cars

Movies; (this varies a little) Toy Story 1&2, Cars, Thomas :), Monsters inc, Robin Hood

Disney channel shows; jojo's circus, little einsteins, mickey mouse clubhouse, handy manny

(A little Wyatt fact:) Wyatt carries Thomas the train everywhere he goes, he even sleeps with him.

So Happy Birthday Wyatt!! We love you!!

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ma said...

Happy Wednesday to all,

I so enjoyed watching Wyatt opening all of his presents on Sunday, he is such a focused little guy, his backpack is on its way--hope he enjoys