Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No I did not forget I have a blog

I have a cold. I want to sleep.
Will the kids let me.....NOOOOOO
Bless my MIL she paid to get the AC fixed on the van on Saturday, when we finally drove it on Monday the dash went nuts and we are told we need a new alternater and battery. WHAT!!!!@!There was nothing wrong with it before we had the AC fixed. Well all day Tuesday she sat at the shop and they could find nothing wrong (typical huh?), so when we went to pick her up......she(van) wouldn't start!! I laughed myself silly. Come to find out after buying and returning a battery that there was nothing wrong with my old battery it was just a little dirty and didn't have a good connection. Praise God saved me $90. Let's hope when I drive it to the store tonight that we have no problems.

You know this is one of those afternoons where Kelly and I are really butting heads. We have been working on her homework and she gets frustrated so easily. I'm sincerely trying to figure out a way to teach/coach her to keep her interest and willingness to get the job done but she doesn't want to follow the directions on the paper and will chuck her pencil across the room whenever she gets mad at me. And before you ask no she doesn't throw things at school. She is quiet and respectful. I wish she was more like this at home. sheesh. So we will wait for Daddy to come home to work on writing her letter A's.

Oh and guess what?? Picture day is Monday!!! $#&@@!!! Have you seen her bangs???

Ignore the purple on her forehead. This photo was just taken 5 minutes ago and grouchy didn't want her picture taken. Oy vey those bangs. this isn't the best shot of them because they are lopsided. I think I will wet them done and use a hair clip to pull them off her forehead so hopefully you won't know we have this problem. Rob and I will sit down and talk about which package we want to get and then he wants me to do a photo shoot for more of her 5yr pictures.
I know school photos kinda suck but who says I'm any better?
I sincerely need some tutoring on post processing a picture. I need the software to do it and some one said I need to calibrate my monitor.
Calgon take me away!
Will someone please come to my home and teach me this crap??? (vent over)
I need to go start dinner.
Bye, C


ma said...

It's so funny, you do sound a little like me when you were this age-honestly. You didn't want to stop to play to do homework-lord help I would get upset, it seemed there is such a push to teach and learn. What happened to that saying that learning should be fun-so I learned and you will to.

Have patience, it's a wonderful gift to give.

Rosalba said...

Great work.