Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And then...

I have days like today.
Granted I woke up at 4am but it was a good morning. The kids were in a good mood with little fighting or arguing with me. Ate breakfast, got dressed, dropped kelly off, went to the grocery store for milk and came home and did my quiet time. Good so far.
The kids are spending the night at Grandmoms and Daddy and I have Kellys 1st parent/teacher conference. I am eagerly anticipating what the teacher has to say. So I will update that later.
Have started making Christmas cards, I'm soo excited to finally get this done. I mean I've talked about it for years and now I'm doing it. Now let's see if they get mailed out. Hehe. they will get mailed out.
Off to pack up the kids for their night at G'moms.

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