Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Post Halloween

Been very busy around the Ross house lately. On Tuesday Kelly went with her class to Bucklew Farm to pick a pumpkin and then after school we went to Brian and Andy's pumpkin stand to get Wyatt a pumpkin. That pumpkin stand was really cool. It was almost as good as going to a farm.
Once the kids got home Nina showed up and the kids helped her fill the bags full of candy bars for the trick or treaters. Of course we ALL had to have a sample. quality control, ya know.
Mom always buys the good stuff.
So treating was fun this year. Mike, Amanda and the boys came over and went treating with us. We did both sides of our street and then went up to the church on the corner. they were doing a trunk or treat with free hot dogs, water, popcorn, cotton candy. After the church we went over to Pop's house to get treats from him and Kristen. After all that we went home to relax and get ready for bed.
The kids' costumes are as follows;
Kelly- Cowgirl Jessie complete with lots of yee-haws
Wyatt- Thomas the Tank engine with lots of choo-chooos
Clayton- Blue Power Ranger
Donovan- Thomas the Tank engine
On a side note it is funny when Wyatt will ask you to take his picture but he won't look at the camera.

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ma said...

For all of you that don't recognize him, thats Mikey under the wig. He was getting into the spirit of things outside with me.

A little disappointed this year, we only had about sixty kids, but I got great reviews on my "witch" and my antics scaring the kids. What can I say--witch seems to suit me.