Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm feeling great today!!

woke up this morning with very little back pain and almost none of the yucky feeling I've had for the last few days.

I have cleaned the floors, done a load of laundry, finished 1 Christmas present and have started the second, straightened up the living room and kitchen. I have just gone through all my favorite blogs and am now up to date. And it's only 10.30am! Whoo hoo me!

Now if I could just find where oh where I left my glasses it would be almost perfect.
My little man in his Thomas pj's saying, "Can I see picture of Wyatt?" Trying to get him to understand I have to take a picture first before he can look at it.
So for all of you, have a great day~C

Something for me to note:

For the last year I have been following two blogs, one is www.lyonsfamily.org . This woman Julie had stage 4 inoperable melanoma and passed away on 11/24. Her family was a big inspiration for me as I dealt with Kim having cancer and wanting Kim to fight and look into options for treatment and to beat the cancer. This is not as eloquent as I would like to say. The strength and support this family has was/is fantastic and I was impressed by Julie's fight to beat the cancer.
the next blog is www.careyann22.typepad.com Carey is a scrapbooker that I really admired her style. So when I learned she was pregnant I was very excited for her. Unfortunately she lost her son at 22 weeks shortly after giving birth. Prayers started full force when I found out she was pregnant again this last march and this time it was with twins (natural conception). Well this morning when I woke up I told Rob that I needed to check my blogs because this lady was due, and sure enough she is being induced today. more prayers for a safe and healthy delivery.

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ma said...

Good morning,

Well it's hump day in the ol' pueblo, and I'm so looking forward to the weekend, too bad it's sooo short, ah well.

Congrats Carrie, on your back getting better And especially you feeling better. I think that had alot to do with you not caring about much of anything, I also wonder, if with the christmas season here--if it brings with it the loss of Kim even more. This will be our first christmas without her, and I know I felt the loss at Thanksgiving along with it being the anniversary of mom's death. This is the time of year when families draw closer and the time when you feel the loss ever more. I feel for pop, this is going to be rough on him, though I do not mean to sound casual about it, but in all, this was the time of year she got really sick, and they only had each other, what could be more heartbreaking than that. I remember when my brother died, that my mom said--no parent should have to bury a child, in this I have to agree, I almost lost both you and Mikey at different times, and that is every parents worst fear.So, maybe some evening soon, give pop a call and invite him over for dinner, or plan on doing something that pop can be involved with--get creative.

To all, may you and yours stay healthy and happy and enjoy the loved ones around you.