Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is the scene at my house right now.
Wyatt is taking a nap on the couch and Kelly is sick on the love seat. The sickness started last night with a 102 fever and today we have a slight fever and an ear infection. Sweet hubby Rob gave up his half of the bed last night so that Kelly could sleep with me and I could keep a watch on her fever if it decided to return.
Poor Rob, today is his 37th birthday and he is still getting over being sick. Just mostly coughing now.
*A Funny* Rob said that he set the alarm on his cell phone to remind him of all birthdays. Well he also put himself in there, but when he did he put in the wrong age!! Thankfully it was for a year younger, but the poor guy can't remember his own age!! The mind is already fading.

Also tonight my brother Mike is getting baptised. So cool and going to be soooo cold. Rob will be doing the baptisim in Mike's pool, with NO heat on. Yes, it will be fast.
I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This week is turning out to be very sad.
We found out on sunday night that our friend Marc's mom passed away. Cindy or Ma as we called her, died from breathing problems. Cindy was maybe in her late 50's. I met her when Rob and I started dating. We would all occasionally hang out at her house, her kids(marc, christina, lexi), kim and anyone else were always welcome. About 2 yrs ago her youngest Lexi passed away after a medical overdose of pain meds at/from the hospital after a motorcyle accident. According to Cindy's other daughter Christina after Lexi's death Ma just gave up and was very depressed. The funeral has been set for this Friday.
Today we received a call that Mikey's friend Brian (the one that my mom put in jail for stealing) passed away yesterday. Brian was back home in Michigan and was doing well until recently when he started doing drugs again. So as of right now we are not sure if he overdosed or he commited suicide. We are understanding that his sister found him and his dad is overseas in the military. Hopefully by tonight we will know about funeral arrangements because mike might be going back.
So many memories about these two people. No matter what, they will be missed.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It has been a beautiful cloudy rainy day today. So Perfect.
I took the kids to their soon- to- be cousin Claytons 5th birthday party. The party was not nearly as rambunctious as it could have been but the kids did have plenty of fun. Wyatt had so much fun that he wore himself out and he fell asleep on the way home.

Almost all of these photos were taken just a few minutes ago as we were playing around.

As you can see it is a family affair!

Sorry the camera was set to auto and I couldn't get a good shutter speed to blur our tongues wiggling back and forth.

(Our newest recruit. He practices daily to become as good as his Master.)

Of course here is our resident tongue wagging Master, he taught the kids everything they know.

(One day young pada-wan learner you too could be as good as your Master. Have patience.)

You can't tell in this picture but Wyatt was licking my finger as he swished his tongue.

(Here is the other Master, unfortunatly she only made master status because the elders felt sorry for her short tongue.)

May the tongue wagging force be with us, always.

So now we have come to photos from the other day. This is the typical Wyatt man behavior. This huffiness is usually followed by the required,"No Mommy!"
Getting the re-enactment isn't has fun as the original but we do strive to achieve. It's pretty hard to get Wyatt to copy his typical 3 yr old brattiness because the boy just wants to see every picture that I take of him.
So what is a Mom to do??? Well just make said kid mad again and TA-DAH.

We hope you have enjoyed today's typical Ross craziness.
PS-Right now Wyatt is playing in the empty laundry basket, oh excuse me, his bathtub he says. I'll post photos tomorrow.
Night Y'all
Love Carrie

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Houston we have a heartbeat.
Yep the little sucker was sure hard to find but we did get to hear that fast tiny heartbeat. Baby is deep in the cootchie (pelvic) area and hard to hear but for a couple of seconds we did hear it. Unfortunately Rob started to cough and had to step out of the room and it was right after he left that we heard the baby. The doctor tried to catch the heartbeat again so that Rob could hear but she couldn't. Rob is okay with this, he said as long as I heard it that was all that matters.
She also told me that I'm doing great and that occassional I can cheat and eat some of the "bad" stuff. You know french fries, sushi. I have lost another two pounds, bringing the total to 12 so far. I'm not sure where I've lost it though. Overall I felt I had a great visit. My next appointment will be in the beginning of February and then it's on to the 20 week sonogram.
So that's all for now. I need to make sure the house is ready for homegroup tonight and Kelly has Daisies.
I'll see you later.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year and new hair

So last night I finally got a picture, albeit with wet hair, of everyone's new do's. Kelly's hair goes just below her shoulders and is much easier to handle. Wyatt's got totally buzzed off, we needed to start over. Rob decided for a modern Colonel Sanders look where he shaved off the parts that connect the mustache to the goatee. He also trimmed down his top and sides. so except for me everyone else is fresh for the new year.

Last Friday we had to do a spur of the moment photo shoot for the soon to be married couple who need to send out their invitations. The invites that Amanda picked out called for a photo underneath. I don't think this is the final photo. We had hoped to do it outside but the sun set 20 minutes before they got there, so we compromized and had to use the kitchen. Not the best setup and lighting but we worked it as best we could. Mike looks fairly natural cause her works outside not Amanda, she works inside and is pale, it really is a stark contrast. I'm still learning.

So tomorrow at 9am I have a doctor appt and hopefully we will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.

So I do plan on updating tomorrow. But right now i promised Rob i would clean the scraproom so that he can put his drums back up. In my defense the room has been cleaned twice but we all like to throw miscellanous stuff there and then the mess resumes. So he has had 2 opportunities to put those darn drums up.

On Friday of last week I went to Joanns and told them(Monique and Jackie) I will no longer teach scrapbooking and I took all my layouts home. Jackie understood but you know Monique was not happy. Ya know I haven't scrapbooked in a couple of months and I'm sick of how the education department call me the night before or maybe two days before expecting me to be available. Sorry I don't jump. Not that I have quit I actually want to scrapbook again. Go figure. Maybe this weekend since the house is fairly clean. hmmmm.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

So I had a doctor appointment yesterday.
I was nervous because last week I has some bleeding. Well according to the doctor my cervix is closed, long and soft. I look great internally. My sugars are pretty much under control even the morning ones. I also have lost 8 lbs according to their scale. We tried to listen for the heartbeat but couldn't catch it. Of course I started to worry even more but she said it was normal and also a little early. Course my extra layers don't help much. I will go back on the 16th and we will take another listen. Because of my bleeding I'm on what the doc calls "light life", no long walks, no sex, no lifting.

I must say that my doctor and her nurse are the best I have ever had. I don't feel rushed, I can ask anything and they will call ME and see how I'M doing. Just cool and she is very thurough.

Before I forget-- Happy Birthday Mikey!!

He turns the BIG 30 today.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

well I started to post a few days ago but I was having problems uploading all my pictures. Randon shots from this last week.
I'm kind of disappointed cause most of the shots I took for our Christmas were blurry. Oh well, I'll use them any way. Been an exhausting couple of weeks. Rob has been on vacation and has been very busy around the house. I've had good days and bad so I've been vegging out at home. Really not too much going on.
I have a doctor appointment tomorrow at 11:30 and we will see how I am doing. morning sugars are getting under control and daily is not a problem. If I choose to cheat I just take a bit of insulin before dinner and i can have a couple slices of pizza. Otherwise I am trying to be good since the beginning of December I have lost 5 pounds. Now that I'm feeling better I want to walk more, heck just get out of the house more.
The doctor bills are starting to come in and kinda off freaking me out. Thank god for insurance. I guess I won't be doing any scrapbook shopping anytime soon. Which right now is HARD cause I want to shop.
I finally got to go to the new scrap store on the north side Pages in Progress. Not bad, kinda pricey, but the customer service was great. I also met a girl that also frequents Two Peas in a Bucket Message Board. I actually recognized her pea name. I need to call Julie and let her know. I also need to tell Julie how great she looks and I love the new hair style. Now that the holidays are over and I'm feeling more on the upswing I would love to try and get back together for another round of scrappin.
Well I better go. I'm suppose to be finishing moms christmas present (a scrapbook) but I know if I don't do this now I'm gonna keep putting it off and i have been wanting to update.
So ignore all the grammar errors, I'm trying to type fast and get everything out.
Happy New Year!! I sincerely hope this will be a great year, we need it.
Love carrie