Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year and new hair

So last night I finally got a picture, albeit with wet hair, of everyone's new do's. Kelly's hair goes just below her shoulders and is much easier to handle. Wyatt's got totally buzzed off, we needed to start over. Rob decided for a modern Colonel Sanders look where he shaved off the parts that connect the mustache to the goatee. He also trimmed down his top and sides. so except for me everyone else is fresh for the new year.

Last Friday we had to do a spur of the moment photo shoot for the soon to be married couple who need to send out their invitations. The invites that Amanda picked out called for a photo underneath. I don't think this is the final photo. We had hoped to do it outside but the sun set 20 minutes before they got there, so we compromized and had to use the kitchen. Not the best setup and lighting but we worked it as best we could. Mike looks fairly natural cause her works outside not Amanda, she works inside and is pale, it really is a stark contrast. I'm still learning.

So tomorrow at 9am I have a doctor appt and hopefully we will be able to hear the baby's heartbeat.

So I do plan on updating tomorrow. But right now i promised Rob i would clean the scraproom so that he can put his drums back up. In my defense the room has been cleaned twice but we all like to throw miscellanous stuff there and then the mess resumes. So he has had 2 opportunities to put those darn drums up.

On Friday of last week I went to Joanns and told them(Monique and Jackie) I will no longer teach scrapbooking and I took all my layouts home. Jackie understood but you know Monique was not happy. Ya know I haven't scrapbooked in a couple of months and I'm sick of how the education department call me the night before or maybe two days before expecting me to be available. Sorry I don't jump. Not that I have quit I actually want to scrapbook again. Go figure. Maybe this weekend since the house is fairly clean. hmmmm.


ma said...

Ok Everyone, I got all emotional seeing this picture, can't explain why--except maybe I'm just happy that Mikey is happy. He has not had an easy time since being here, not too many ups and plenty of downs--so to see him like this brings tears to my eyes and now I know I'll cry at the wedding.

So I really love this picture

Love to all


ma said...

Hello again, hey I like the new do's--kelly has such thick hair that this cut is perfect for her and wyatt has Mike's type of hair, so it needs to be short or else it's really curly, and I can't forget Rob....Col. Sanders...yep he does look a little like him.



ma said...

reread the blog and carrie...I really don't think the picture is all that bad... in fact I would say it turned out pretty good---so please... and in fact everyone that I have spoken to thinks its good----so there