Thursday, February 28, 2008

Truck update

Well the verdict is in.......................We need a new engine. The mechanic says that it looks like we have/had a bad oil pump and this lead to probably throwing a rod in the engine. So to the tune of $4-5000 thousand dollars the truck is getting a new motor from Ford and all will be somewhat right with the world. Lots of stress and crying when I found out.
Now for the headache part. At first we were going to put this on the newly paid off credit card, instead Rob( who just walked in the door) talked to his mom and she is going to pay for it and we will pay her back. No interest!! Can I say I feel like crying all over again.
It's frustrating that we have to run to momma because as an adult it makes me feel like a failure, but it is also a blessing that I have a relative who is willing to help us out.
So the truck will hopefully be ready by tomorrow night and Rob can bring home the bacon on Saturday.
I understand now how men fall in love with their cars, I teared up when they were loading the truck on the flatbed because she has been with us for almost all of our marriage and been such a trustworthy vehicle. The truck is 11 yrs old and she just recently rolled over 100,000 miles, she supposed to still be a baby, not an old lady. Well now with the new engine and whatnot I know we will keep her for another 11+ years.
Oh and since she is a member of our family we have decided to name her Betsey. Maybe later I will write and ode to her.
:) Carrie

Ya know, everything was going real good. I paid off the credit card, we purchased the rest of the stuff to finish redoing our bathroom, I haven't had a shower in the master bath since June of 07, and I found my day planner that has been missing for 2 weeks.
Then on Sunday the truck started to make a knocking noise. Okay, no big, add more oil. Knocking goes away. Go and finish bathroom shopping, knocking comes back louder. We get home Rob adds more oil. Nothing changes. We decide to let it sit and Rob went to start the truck last night and nothing. We have power but the truck just won't start. Tried to jump it but not even a flicker of truck grumbling.
Let's just say scared is an understatement.
This has been the best vehicle we have ever owned. She hasn't given us any problems and now it's looking like it's going to cost close to a thousand to fix.
HELLO Mr. credit card, did you miss me?
Dang it, we just got out of debit and now it pulls me back in. Granted we will use that Bush tax check to pay most to all of it off, but still.
Now the waiting starts, first towing costs, diagnostic check, and we need the rear seal fixed and now who knows what else.
**On a different topic, poor Kelly is sick again. This is day two being home from school. Not a happy camper but thankfully it just seems like another cold. But with all the crap that is floating around she sure as heck doesn't need to be contaminating anyone else. So Kelly is quarantined to the house until the fever and sniffles have passed. Poor kid, stuck in bed or on the couch all day with nothing but Disney and movies to watch, books to look at, all your meals brought to you. It must be so rough, I feel so bad for her ;)
All your prayers are very much wanted and needed.
Love carrie

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well they did it!!

In more ways than one ;)

The Z Mansion. It's very pretty and they did a wonderful job.
We did a bunch of photos up on the round balcony. the only photos I have are the few that Rob or myself took, when we didn't have to be in them.
The one photo that we forgot to get done was a quick family shot of Rob, I and the kids.
The rugrats didn't stay much past the ceremony cause they were.. just kids, I guess.
Kelly looked wonderful and did a great job walking down the aisle and only threw her petals until she got up to the wedding party. It was so cute. After the ceremony when we were taking more photos Kelly refused to be in them and both her and Wyatt wanted to go home. Wyatt for some reason wouldn't come to me and almost didn't recognize me. Both kids were happy to leave and go home with Rob's mom. Considering we didn't leave until after 11, it was a smart idea. According to Inez, Wyatt fell asleep early and Kelly was up until 9:30.

As soon as I can get a copy of some of the photos I'll post them. I was told repeatedly how fantastic I look. I know....brag,brag, brag.
I was just so happy to see my brother so happy and to marry a woman that I like and admire.

It was a beautiful night and Rob and I danced together more than ever before. The cake was both gorgeous and delicious, and except for the small piece of cake to feed each other Mike and Amanda didn't get to eat a piece.
I'm not sure what else to say so I'm going to leave it at that.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Post Valentines day.

I am slowly getting better and last night our little family went for sushi at our local Oishi sushi. Come to find out that Kelly will eat nigiri. All nigiri is is fish and rice. So we ordered tuna, shrimp and salmon and Kelly of course took both pieces of shrimp and then she tried the salmon. Now being the smart parents that we think we are, we did NOT tell her what type of fish she was eating. Kelly even tried the masago (orange fish eggs) on top of a couple of our sushi rolls.
I should say she licked the top of the roll clean and then handed it to me to eat.
Now Wyatt, no way would he even touch anything sushi type on our plate. Wyatt was perfectly content to eat his "spaghetti noodles", we ordered the kids chicken yakisoba noodles for their dinner.
So V-day was nice, nothing outrageously special and of course today is even much better with the rain and the fact that all of our tax return is here. Yee Haw! I have reordered all of my scrapping magazines, a couple of photography mags and a paper crafts magazine. We have paid off the medical bills, the one credit card we have and the rest will go to food and finish remodeling our bathroom. Yowza.
I sincerely hope we can stay on track cause next year we want to get a new tv and laptop.
Today is going to be a nice day. I hope your day will be great too.
Love C

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sickness round #2
This past week Wyatt and I both got sick. Although Wyatt is doing WAY better than myself. I have a nasty cold and not much of a voice that is seriously kicking my butt. And before you joke that Rob must be thrilled about my voice, think again, it's driving him nuts not understanding me.
I agreed a couple of weeks ago to watch a friends two kids today and oh my, I am whipped and it's only 11am. I really want to curl up and take a nap but that is not even remotely possible. I believe I will be heading to bed very early this evening.

It occured to me that my Dad will be here next Monday and Mikey's wedding is next Friday. Seriously?? I don't have a few more weeks to go?? Next week? Gulp..... Oy......deep breath... I'm fairly ready..... I need to get my mega brow tamed and buy some new makeup, buy Wyatt new dress shoes. Kelly is ready to go. Of course we both(kelly and I) need to get our hair done that night but.... it just seems to fast sometimes.
I will admit I can't wait for it to be all over. Thankfully I shouldn't have to worry about another wedding until Kelly or Wyatt gets married, unless of course that one man shows up and will sweep my stubborn mother off her feet. I would sincerely love for that to happen. **I know you'll fight me on this Mom but I believe it's true.

Sorry no pictures today, I haven't uploaded the bridal shower shots from Saturday yet. Hey I'm sick.... your lucky I took a shower this morning.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I know you were all thinking about me yesterday, weren't ya?? When the rain first started coming down here on the east side I was driving in it. The poor kids and I were headed to Walmart to get something when the deluge came on. Lets just say I also bought a golf umbrella big enough to fit me and the kids. (Plus I had been wanting it for a couple of months now) The umbrella really did help, especially loading and unloading Wyatt, the slowpoke ;)
So on to the baptism pictures. It was a balmy 52 degrees and we don't know what the temp of the pool was. Let's just say it was over fairly quick, but it was very cool.
At one point my mom turned around to check onthe kids and Wyatt had already taken his shoes and socks off and was working on getting his pants off too. That boy was determined to go swimming, even though he doesn't "know" how to swim. Mom herded him inside real quick.

On the sickness front~ Kelly ended up with a double ear infection and a cold. After two different types of medicine and lots of fighting we finally have a antibotic that we can get Kelly to take without her throwing it up and putting up a HUGE fight.
Today was also the first day that she felt well enough to go back to school. Kelly is such a stubborn kid. She refuses to put on chapstick until her lips bleed and then cries because it burns. So I have become the nag about keeping the chapstick on. Hopefully the ring-around- the mouth will be gone soon.
So thank you for your support on the lives that were lost last week. I didn't get to go to Cindy's funeral because I ended up taking Kelly into the doctor and Mikey didn't go to Michigan cause basically he was told he wasn't welcome. So I grieved from home and prayed for both of these people. I know they are both in a better place.
So, I'm in the mood to scrapbook and I know Julie, you are too. So when do you and Andrea want to get together? I can say this weekend is out, I'm hosting a bridal shower on Saturday. Lets email, shall we.