Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I know you were all thinking about me yesterday, weren't ya?? When the rain first started coming down here on the east side I was driving in it. The poor kids and I were headed to Walmart to get something when the deluge came on. Lets just say I also bought a golf umbrella big enough to fit me and the kids. (Plus I had been wanting it for a couple of months now) The umbrella really did help, especially loading and unloading Wyatt, the slowpoke ;)
So on to the baptism pictures. It was a balmy 52 degrees and we don't know what the temp of the pool was. Let's just say it was over fairly quick, but it was very cool.
At one point my mom turned around to check onthe kids and Wyatt had already taken his shoes and socks off and was working on getting his pants off too. That boy was determined to go swimming, even though he doesn't "know" how to swim. Mom herded him inside real quick.

On the sickness front~ Kelly ended up with a double ear infection and a cold. After two different types of medicine and lots of fighting we finally have a antibotic that we can get Kelly to take without her throwing it up and putting up a HUGE fight.
Today was also the first day that she felt well enough to go back to school. Kelly is such a stubborn kid. She refuses to put on chapstick until her lips bleed and then cries because it burns. So I have become the nag about keeping the chapstick on. Hopefully the ring-around- the mouth will be gone soon.
So thank you for your support on the lives that were lost last week. I didn't get to go to Cindy's funeral because I ended up taking Kelly into the doctor and Mikey didn't go to Michigan cause basically he was told he wasn't welcome. So I grieved from home and prayed for both of these people. I know they are both in a better place.
So, I'm in the mood to scrapbook and I know Julie, you are too. So when do you and Andrea want to get together? I can say this weekend is out, I'm hosting a bridal shower on Saturday. Lets email, shall we.


Anonymous said...

Hey How is everybody down there? We are all cold up here, another couple inches of snow...Welcome to Michigan! lol So this weekend you have a bridal shower, is this for your future sis-in-law? Hope it goes well. I am glad that Kelly is feeling a bit better, I know that the crud is going around everywhere. Hope everyone is doing great... love and miss you all.

ma said...

Morning everyone,

loved the pics, and no matter how fast, it was great being there. I love my kids( as if thats a secret) and to watch my boy get baptized was a great experience. He now has the greatest mentor in the world on his side.

Bridal shower went very well--even if Carrie was feeling under the weather, kept it simple and nice.