Thursday, February 28, 2008

Truck update

Well the verdict is in.......................We need a new engine. The mechanic says that it looks like we have/had a bad oil pump and this lead to probably throwing a rod in the engine. So to the tune of $4-5000 thousand dollars the truck is getting a new motor from Ford and all will be somewhat right with the world. Lots of stress and crying when I found out.
Now for the headache part. At first we were going to put this on the newly paid off credit card, instead Rob( who just walked in the door) talked to his mom and she is going to pay for it and we will pay her back. No interest!! Can I say I feel like crying all over again.
It's frustrating that we have to run to momma because as an adult it makes me feel like a failure, but it is also a blessing that I have a relative who is willing to help us out.
So the truck will hopefully be ready by tomorrow night and Rob can bring home the bacon on Saturday.
I understand now how men fall in love with their cars, I teared up when they were loading the truck on the flatbed because she has been with us for almost all of our marriage and been such a trustworthy vehicle. The truck is 11 yrs old and she just recently rolled over 100,000 miles, she supposed to still be a baby, not an old lady. Well now with the new engine and whatnot I know we will keep her for another 11+ years.
Oh and since she is a member of our family we have decided to name her Betsey. Maybe later I will write and ode to her.
:) Carrie

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Anonymous said...

Hey I know how you feel about running to the parents, sometimes it sucks because you feel like you can't take care of yourself, but yet its nice knowing that they love you that much to help out no matter what. Just ask mom and dad, they told me the other day after I told them that I would never be able to repay them what I actually owe them, to not worry about it, they can't take it with them, and as long as they know that I am ok, they are doing what they think is best! I guess it doesn't really matter how old you get, they want to still take care of ya. I'm glad that you are getting your vehicular baby back, its hard when you are truely attached to a vehicle and then its gone...So how is everybody, the newlyweds? Tell all HI! I miss you all. I would like to see some more wedding pics, if you have any. Take care. Love ya