Saturday, March 08, 2008

So my vehicular baby is home and snug under the carport. Grand total was $4600 and change. Cough....cough. Thank you Inez for saving our butts. I am extremely blessed in my mother-in-law. Betsy drives like nothing has ever happened and it's great to have her back.

So I'm laying in bed this morning @ roughly 5:25am and i can't sleep. I start to feel junior (as I call baby) moving around. Now I feel pressure but rarely have i felt a kick. So I put my hands on my stomach and with one finger I tap 3x and stop, then 3 more times, and I felt the baby kick! I had the hugest grin on my face. This is the first time i have felt a kick against my hand. Now I have had plenty of cootchie kicks, which can stop any time by the way, but I love to feel the baby kick against my hand. Once these kick grow a little harder and more consistent I can let the kids feel them too.
My sonogram is this coming Tuesday @ 9am and i am still firm in not finding out what we are having. At least I will try and stay firm on not knowing.
Cute little funnies that I need to remember: Kelly saying that she has a baby in her tummy also. Kelly saying that Daddy has a baby in his tummy. Also that I would be having the baby last Tuesday when Kelly got home from school, ummm, no.
Wyatt keeps asking," mommy, you have a baby in your tummy?"
me, "yes buddy"
Wyatt, "Okay" and off he goes to play.
So I'm off for now, I probably won't post again until Tuesday afternoon, once I call my family and tell them how things look, size, health, yada, yada.

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