Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy 11th Anniversary

Last year Rob and I wrote out what we dream will happen in the next 10 years. At the top of the list is 1 more kid-I said 2. Well soon we can mark that off our list. Other things that we wrote out were;
R- a motorcycle
C- go back to school for photography
C- lose 40-80lbs
R- go to New York City for vacation
C- Go to Scotland for vacation
Buy a red couch or chair
Move into a bigger house

I know everything is up to the Lord, and I just pray that our hopes and dreams are on God's list for things to occur.

For my hubby of now 11 years-
Yes it sometimes feels like we've been together forever, but there is no one else that I could even imagine being with. You are the one person chosen for me and I know this all the way down to the core of my soul.
I love you

Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny things kids say....

W- Please, please, please

M- No Wyatt

W- But I said pleeeeeaasse (said in desperation)

M- Just because you say please does not mean you get what you want.

(now repeat Wyatt steps again, and maybe one more time)

K- Mommy will you talk to me (being said after I pick Kelly up from school and she is sitting in the back of the van)

M- Okay, what did you do today?

K- same as every day

M- did you have fun?

K- I don't want to talk about it right now, please don't talk to me, I'll talk about it at home

Seriously, my mouth hit the floor, I was shocked, You asked me to talk to you kid!

Kelly is probably the funniest to me right now because she sounds so "grown up" when she says certain things.

You know when you have your first child you think you will remember every cute thing that child will say or do forever. Honestly, you forget the next day. I'm trying to keep track of some of the funnies and darndest things my kids say because thanks to them, I no longer have a memory.

Now if I could just find out how to print out all this year by year, in a book form.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

24 weeks today!
I'll update later with a picture. Feeling overall fairly good. I have noticed that doing some things are getting more uncomfortable. You know like bending over when your sitting down, climbing into bed and even rollong over, I've noticed an awkwardness.
Today I was at the grocery store and I started to get uncomfortable pushing the cart the heavier it got, so I finished up and got out of there.
Baby is kicking really good. I spent Friday night on an air mattress and it was the first time that I was pretty much up all night because the baby sure as heck did NOT like any way I tried to lay.
People are starting to put in their predictions on what I am having, so far the concensus is a girl. Now the hard part is what to name this child. I sincerely have no idea. Don't get me wrong I have a list for both sexes but nothing stands out to say, This is THE name.
Okay here, I'll list all names and you can give me your opinion.
Girls (middle) Boys (middle)
Arden (lyn,elaine) Henry (michael)
Evelyn (yvonne) Wade (charles,robert,william)
Laura (lyn) Van (charles)
Rebecca (lyn)
That's it so far. Arden is after my grandpa and Henry is after Robs Dad, Evelyn is after my great Aunt. The rest of the names are ones that are not as popular or not even in the top 100 baby names. My favorite for the boys is Van, so different, Hi, I'm Van Ross, sounds cool huh?
Okay I'm off to do house work. I'll post pictures later.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

So yesterday I realized something BIG to me. That I haven't finished printing out photos from...umm..2000...6.
Yes, I still have about four random months that I have neither uploaded nor printed out. Sickening I know.
You wanna know something worse.
Are you sitting down. This is gonna be bad.
I haven't printed out almost ANY photos for 2007. GASP!!!! I counted yesterday and I have 3,149 photos from last year to print. Also if I use the deal currently going on I could get them all printed out, shipping included, for $379.88. Ummm honey could you go sweat in the sun and work on those cactus, oh and watch for snakes, for say 16+ hours so that I could get this done??? No, I didn't think so either. (seriously I would not even ask that)
But I will upload them all so that they are safe somewhere else besides my cd/dvds, and when we have a few bucks I will print out a month or two.
I could have sworn I had lots of 2007 printed but soon realized that was because I posted them on the ol' blog. Now if i could just get the blog printed out in book form by year, then it would be easier to remember some of those special moments from last year.
Such is life
Publishers clearing house where are you???
When are you going to be knocking on my door?? ;)
I could really use $400 right now.
Sigh...I'm so impatient. But dang it, in my defense I want them to scrapbook. I got the itch pretty bad recently and need some fresh meat.