Tuesday, April 08, 2008

24 weeks today!
I'll update later with a picture. Feeling overall fairly good. I have noticed that doing some things are getting more uncomfortable. You know like bending over when your sitting down, climbing into bed and even rollong over, I've noticed an awkwardness.
Today I was at the grocery store and I started to get uncomfortable pushing the cart the heavier it got, so I finished up and got out of there.
Baby is kicking really good. I spent Friday night on an air mattress and it was the first time that I was pretty much up all night because the baby sure as heck did NOT like any way I tried to lay.
People are starting to put in their predictions on what I am having, so far the concensus is a girl. Now the hard part is what to name this child. I sincerely have no idea. Don't get me wrong I have a list for both sexes but nothing stands out to say, This is THE name.
Okay here, I'll list all names and you can give me your opinion.
Girls (middle) Boys (middle)
Arden (lyn,elaine) Henry (michael)
Evelyn (yvonne) Wade (charles,robert,william)
Laura (lyn) Van (charles)
Rebecca (lyn)
That's it so far. Arden is after my grandpa and Henry is after Robs Dad, Evelyn is after my great Aunt. The rest of the names are ones that are not as popular or not even in the top 100 baby names. My favorite for the boys is Van, so different, Hi, I'm Van Ross, sounds cool huh?
Okay I'm off to do house work. I'll post pictures later.


Julie G. said...

I vote for Arden and Van! Cool, unique sounding names...

Anonymous said...

Ok kid, so say I'm prejudice but I still like Evelyn Yvonne, and as we said Evie for short. For the bou name Van is just way too cool, and I've already told you about my dream that you are having a boy..so how this for a name Arden Van Ross...not too bad.