Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny things kids say....

W- Please, please, please

M- No Wyatt

W- But I said pleeeeeaasse (said in desperation)

M- Just because you say please does not mean you get what you want.

(now repeat Wyatt steps again, and maybe one more time)

K- Mommy will you talk to me (being said after I pick Kelly up from school and she is sitting in the back of the van)

M- Okay, what did you do today?

K- same as every day

M- did you have fun?

K- I don't want to talk about it right now, please don't talk to me, I'll talk about it at home

Seriously, my mouth hit the floor, I was shocked, You asked me to talk to you kid!

Kelly is probably the funniest to me right now because she sounds so "grown up" when she says certain things.

You know when you have your first child you think you will remember every cute thing that child will say or do forever. Honestly, you forget the next day. I'm trying to keep track of some of the funnies and darndest things my kids say because thanks to them, I no longer have a memory.

Now if I could just find out how to print out all this year by year, in a book form.

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Daughter,

Art Linkletter once said " kids say the darndest things" well I happen to agree. It's fun watching you and Kelly, she is so independent, sort of like a kid I once knew, she will do and is determined to do, things in her own time, her way. And for Wyatt...he is cute and adorable, and he has discovered if he asks nice and plays "kiss up" he can get his way, ahhh, he will be a classic "smooth talker" when he grows up, and women will love it.

Those kids are truly wonderful and unique in their own individual ways, one tough and "in your face" the other a sweet talker. You just got to love them, and Hey I do...accept them for who and what they are, each individual and again, unique.