Thursday, April 03, 2008

So yesterday I realized something BIG to me. That I haven't finished printing out photos from...umm..2000...6.
Yes, I still have about four random months that I have neither uploaded nor printed out. Sickening I know.
You wanna know something worse.
Are you sitting down. This is gonna be bad.
I haven't printed out almost ANY photos for 2007. GASP!!!! I counted yesterday and I have 3,149 photos from last year to print. Also if I use the deal currently going on I could get them all printed out, shipping included, for $379.88. Ummm honey could you go sweat in the sun and work on those cactus, oh and watch for snakes, for say 16+ hours so that I could get this done??? No, I didn't think so either. (seriously I would not even ask that)
But I will upload them all so that they are safe somewhere else besides my cd/dvds, and when we have a few bucks I will print out a month or two.
I could have sworn I had lots of 2007 printed but soon realized that was because I posted them on the ol' blog. Now if i could just get the blog printed out in book form by year, then it would be easier to remember some of those special moments from last year.
Such is life
Publishers clearing house where are you???
When are you going to be knocking on my door?? ;)
I could really use $400 right now.
Sigh...I'm so impatient. But dang it, in my defense I want them to scrapbook. I got the itch pretty bad recently and need some fresh meat.

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Anonymous said...

did you finally get all the pics developed from when you lived up here? I remember you saying that you had a bunch when you came up and I was pregnant for Nathan. Talk to you soon.