Tuesday, July 15, 2008

kelly's bossiness

This morning I told the kids that I wouldn't make them lunch until they clean up their mess from playing this morning.
While they were cleaning Chelsea started fussing to be fed. I had just finished burping her when Kelly walked up to me pointed at Chelsea and then pointed to the baby chair, then pointed at me and then pointed to the kitchen.
Giving her the mean mommy look I said '"excuse me?"
Kelly says;" put Chelsea in the chair and go fix me dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunch."
Where do kids get this crap. She sounded straight out of some tv show where the man barks at his wife to fix him dinner.
I was trying hard not to laugh and said I was going to call Rob and tell him what Kelly had just said.
Kelly responds,"what's his number and I'll call and tell him.
Seriously, who is this kid and where can I exchange her?? ;)

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Julie G. said...

she needs a cell phone..then she can just whip it out of her pocket and call him herself! :)

It only gets better...wait until she's 12...and then Chelsea will be learning some really fun stuff.