Thursday, August 28, 2008

So a little somebody turned 2 months old yeserday and I took her monthly shot with her teddy bear.
It was nice to have Chelsea awake and she actually did really well. I might try and take the bear picture again and try to keep all the back grounds white, so that when I go to scrapbook they have a more uniform look.
Yesterday I tried some different techniques trying to get more interaction shots. So this is me (of course) holding the camera extended in one arm and trying to get a shot of us. My arm got tired after a while and Chelsea seemed to be done also.

Rob and I had a rough night Monday night. Chelsea wasn't sleeping well and didn't seem to be eating well either. Well I finally figured it out Tuesday afternoon when I realized we were still on the same bottle as early that morning and Chelsea had been sucking on it. What I found out was that the nipple had gotten clogged and no formula was coming out. My poor baby was starving. Once I got the nipple cleaned little girl went to town on that bottle and then slept for 3 hours, the longest she had slept all night.

Now we move to last night where the older kids were in the shower and Chelsea was crying in the living room. I get up to get a drink and I hear the slip and thud of one of the kids falling in the shower. Next I hear Wyatt crying. I rush in to check on him and I find out that Kelly got mad at Wyatt, pushed him and Wyatt fell and chipped one of his front teeth. Poor boy cried for 45 minutes and didn't sleep well last night and this morning his gums are bruised around that tooth. We sat Kelly down and had a long talk about her actions lately and how violent she has been getting. Kelly is constantly yelling and hitting Wyatt whenever he gets in her way. So for every time she is mean she loses a priviledge. Dessert, movies, spending the night at grandmoms, toys taken away. Hopefully we will begin to see an attitude change.
The other night Kelly gave me a dirty look and stuck out her tongue at me because I said she couldn't watch a movie she had to do her homework. Well Rob saw it and proceeded to put a drop of hot sauce on her tongue. The next morning I caught her doing it again. So I couldn't get her to open her mouth so I rubbed hot sauce on her lips. So far we have had 24 hrs with no tongue in sight.
I guess this has been kind of a rough week. I hope this weekend is better.
Tomorrows my birthday, I really hope this week gets better.
Hello 33!

Monday, August 18, 2008

random Monday ramblings

so this morning Kelly was being a bit snotty when I told her that if she didn't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.
Kelly's response, What- ever, with the emphasis but not in a rude tone.
when wasked where she learned that she had know idea. yeah right

Wyatt is beginning to sing the jingles from certain commercials either on the radio or on the tv when he hears them.

Chelsea is starting to know her name (I think so) and we are so enjoying her screaming/crying fits that last most evenings. She is also smiling more, that is what I love to see.

A Quote made for me
Get out of the way. Let it work through you. Accumulate pages, not judgments.- Julia Cameron

There is a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron that can teach you creativity- exactly what I need. It was the quote that I mentioned above that smacked me in the face and something that I knowingly struggle with every day.
I feel that if i can get out of the way the real me full of passion can take flight.

I said yesterday in a conversation with Rob and Mom that I want to lose weight but when i start to see the lower numbers that I sabotage myself and that I am actually afraid to lose the weight
Rob said something about that that got me, in a good way. That I hide behind my weight so that I don't expect more of myself or that if i lose the weight that people will expect more of me.
Given me lots to think about.
Love C

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This photo made the news last night at 10pm on KGUN9!!

It was my second time attempting to get lightning and some of my previous attempts came out blurry. It actually is lots of fun trying to do this because you can only keep your shutter open for a few seconds. I missed a couple of awesome shots cause I was fiddling with the camera.
One of these Rob likes so much he wants me to have it framed. I'm now kinda hoping that we get another storm tonight. Granted we barely got any rain but the light show was spectacular!!
Maybe if I have enough warning I can head for a field and get some that look like they hit the ground.

All of these were taken from my driveway looking north toward town and the mountains.
Not bad with the kit lens and no post processing.
Anyway tomorrow we are finally going to take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda. Mike has been quoting parts of the movie and driving Rob crazy so when he gets off work tomorrow we're all going to see it.
Love Carrie

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First grade~First Day

Kelly had a great first day of 1st grade. Mrs. Watt her former kindergarten teacher decided to move up with her class, so Kelly was very comfortable in her classroom, and 12 of her kinder classmates are in this new class also, so she has plenty of people she knows. Kell received her homework folder which we personalized with her name in the Cricut mickey font and some Disney princess stickers. Now we need some homework to put in the folder.
We had the best morning photo shoot with no drama and some fantastic shots. It was a beautiful morning yesterday so perfect, or maybe my skills are getting better ;)
We got Kelly's outfit at Target and yesterday morning we saw at least four other girls wearing either the blue or pink version of it. All the girls looked so cute.
After school we did the first day of school tradition and we as a family went to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone.
I'm very interested in seeing how this year is going to go and all the changes that happen as she learns and strengthens her skills.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Kelly lost her first tooth this morning!!

We were checking out the wiggle factor last night and noticed that it was very close to coming out.

So the "plan" this morning was to go outside and take a picture of her "full" smile. Well you know what they say about best laid plans..... I was getting dressed when Kelly came into my bedroom all excited to show me her tooth and her new smile.
Wiggly tooth #2 should be falling out very soon.
My baby is growing up, first her tooth and next week, 1st grade.

** Tooth #2 just fell out!! In the same day!! Here is Kelly's NEW smile

Friday, August 01, 2008

a comment note to Mom

Mom made a comment on my last post that i had to respond to.
You(ma) asked if I could outdo Wyatt in the animated department on opening birthday presents. To be honest, probably not.
Unless, I got some items on my want list(hint, hint, hint)especially if I got more than one item. Then you would most likely see me as a happy bubbly mess, ya know crying, red eyes, snot running, drooling, hugging people.
If you don't remember my want list, please refer back to the May 23rd post.
Otherwise I'm sure I will have a nice, relaxing day
Chelsea at 1 month
This might be getting framed
LOve, Carrie