Monday, August 18, 2008

random Monday ramblings

so this morning Kelly was being a bit snotty when I told her that if she didn't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.
Kelly's response, What- ever, with the emphasis but not in a rude tone.
when wasked where she learned that she had know idea. yeah right

Wyatt is beginning to sing the jingles from certain commercials either on the radio or on the tv when he hears them.

Chelsea is starting to know her name (I think so) and we are so enjoying her screaming/crying fits that last most evenings. She is also smiling more, that is what I love to see.

A Quote made for me
Get out of the way. Let it work through you. Accumulate pages, not judgments.- Julia Cameron

There is a book called The Artists Way by Julia Cameron that can teach you creativity- exactly what I need. It was the quote that I mentioned above that smacked me in the face and something that I knowingly struggle with every day.
I feel that if i can get out of the way the real me full of passion can take flight.

I said yesterday in a conversation with Rob and Mom that I want to lose weight but when i start to see the lower numbers that I sabotage myself and that I am actually afraid to lose the weight
Rob said something about that that got me, in a good way. That I hide behind my weight so that I don't expect more of myself or that if i lose the weight that people will expect more of me.
Given me lots to think about.
Love C

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Anonymous said...

WOW, I had the privilege to babysit the grandkids this last Sunday, and I do mean privilege, because I love these kids, but wow, Chelsea threw me for a loop with her screaming and crying..after about 3 hours of this, I was ready to run screaming for the door wonder poor Carrie looks like she has been beaten down somedays. It is hard to listen to, not too mention how emotionally depleting it is. But now that I am more prepared I'm ready for round 2 this Friday when Rob takes Carrie out for her birthday...and I say this, no 2 month old will defeat me..I will be strong...and yea who am I Kidding, I'm a marshmellow, it breaks my heart for Chelsea to do that, but I will do the best I can and hope that Miss Chelsea will be more accomadating...keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!! :)

Have a wonderful, safe Labor day

Love to all,