Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I believe I am creating a monster. If Chelsea can reach it she will grab for my camera, the strap or even the lens. Chels is just so very interested in Mommy's toy that I am already putting it up out of reach so that I won't cry later.
My little sweetie turned 7 months old today. Some highlights of Chelsea right now:
Her hair is getting thicker,
She looked at Rob yesterday and said Dada,
sits up with a little support from the boppy to play,
has a great laugh, is getting over a nasty cold, loves to pull and try to eat my hair, is so damn cute.
This is them today, Rob got a phone upgrade and was playing with it and Chels was fascinated by it. Can't you tell??
I still need to do the Mr. Bear monthly photo but that can wait til tomorrow.

I am extremely proud of Wyatt and here is why; last night at dinner he asked if he could say the prayer. He was clear, coherent and did a darn good job. Then tonight we decided that Wyatt really needed a haircut. As you know Wyatt is terrified of the clippers until tonight. We put in a movie, and put a sheet down, but forgot the cape, and with very, very little fuss and no crying we shaved his head. That boy had a ton of hair. I think we have stumbled on to our solution to a problem we dreaded. My little man is growing up so fast.

These are those little moments that mean so much but I know I will forget. Thank goodness for blogging, it will keep me sane when I finally get the chance to scrapbook and will be an added addition as a journal when I'm gone one day.

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Anonymous said...

I must be very emotional tonight, I looked at your blog and just started crying...I guess over the fact that the kids are growing up so fast, and changing constantly. Since I only see the kids about once a week, it amazes me every time.Kelly and Wyatt just love on me...which in turn I just love. And the conversations that we have, wow, these kids are on the bean. And my sweet Chelsea, she just loves to try either eating my hair or trying to pull it out, top that off with trying to pull my earrings out...no matter how you look at it, it is definitely an OUCH.
Just finished my homework, lord I hate accounting, now tell me why that they had to go and complicate things, just couldn't keep it simple, simple is good...but NOOOO.
Oh, well, this to shall pass.

Love to all