Friday, January 09, 2009

Now you really need to double click on this image to really see it. I haven't done much tweeking cause I'm not really sure what to tweek.

This is my photo for last night. We lost power for about and hour and all of a sudden I thought that this would be the perfect time to try this since no one in a least a quarter mile had power.

I learned two things. Which I hoping to try later tonight. I really need a wide angle lens and I should have tried this earlier in the evening and get the moon when it is in a different position.

The moon was almost directly overhead and I wanted to get the moon in with the silhouette of our fat palm tree. Well it was just cold enough and I was doing 30sec exposures that I didn't want to lay on the ground. Plus I really don't have the right tripod. So cool, I used and learned with what I have. I do think in the summer I will get one of those kinder sleeping mats so that these old knees can get down and be more comfy.

**Chelsea had a 6 month check up on Wednesday- she weighs 16lb and 4oz and is 25 inches long. She is darn near perfect but mommy already knew that. Poor thing got 4 shots, two in each leg and has had a fever for about 24 hours. Chelsea has been miserable and a total bear from it.

I have downloaded a 12 week photo class from 2Peas and I'm enjoying. Most of this I know but it's refreshing and I like the challenges and excercises.

Now I'm off. I'm wanting to learn more about food photography. My plan is to take my own and use it in our kitchen. If all else fails I will download from istock photo gallery for a fee and then I know I will have great images. But I really would like to try and learn on my own.

Off to learn.

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Anonymous said...

I know from talking to you that the last few nights have been rough with Ms. Chelsea not sleeping well. She is such a sweetie and just so precious. I get such a kick out of the changes that she is going through right now, it seems that each time I see her that there is something different that she is now doing.
And she will just look at you with those big blue eyes of hers...and you just have to wonder what she is thinking...

Love to all :) Happy Saturday