Saturday, January 10, 2009

So I really don't plan on showing every photo but right now it keeps me on track and I'm recording my thoughts as I go along. Cause you know I still have momnesia. This is a totally random shot, handheld. Chelsea loves mommy nuzzles.

I haven't done photos like these with the other two in quite a while. Food for thought.

This bottom shot is one I did about half and hour ago. Since the moon is suppose to be bigger I wanted to try the whole reflections and silhouette thing.

I might go out later and try again. I wish the mission wasn't so far away. They took down the scaffolding before they move to the other tower for renovations. A white mission bathed in moonlight. Breathtakingly beautiful in my mind.
Unfortunately the mission is about 45 minutes away and in a not so safe area, right Mom? Granted I'm sure there will be other shutterbugs out there but...

Oh and by the way, food photography is considered the hardest and if you can do it successfully, they say you can shoot anything. I'll give it a go.
Have a great weekend. Go Cardinals!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, sad to say but my dear mission is not safe after sundown, and vandals can't seem to understand that that white building is NOT meant to be used for graffiti or broken into.
I really love the pictures, Ms. Chelsea is growing every day, I don't even get to hold her in church anymore becasue everyone else wants to hold her...and that is because she is so precious.
OK, everyone Ms. Kelly is selling girl scout cookies, I would love to really see her succeed...I'm going to put e-mails out there for family and friend and I will help mail if you are interested in buying from Kelly....SO LETS GO And SUPPORT HER..........

Love to all near and far