Monday, January 05, 2009

So yesterday I entered an ugky kitchen contest. Today I received my confirmation along with the other 33 applicants so far. Honestly after looking at some of the others kitchens I bow in defeat. Some people didn't even have cabinets. What is funny is that almost al of us have those nasty 1970's cabinets. So this is my photo for sunday/day 4
Today's photo is of Wyatt on his way to Busy Bodies Preschool. I hope he is doing well and listening. I sure do miss today. I think I'm already dreading him going to kindergarten and how quiet the house will be. Granted by then Chelsea will be making plenty of noise but I think it's just how much things change. And I'm not always good with change.

I have been doing some planning and I'm going to make a prototype of Kelly's school Valentines Day card. Yes I know I have more than a month but I don't want to do it last minute and stress out about it. I have actually written down what months and what kind of projects that I want to work on, wether it is for scrappin, holiday or home decor.
It's sounds in some ways that I am micro managing my life but in reality I always seem to put things off or wait to the last minute. Well if I work on a project say a month in advance then when the holiday comes I'm ready, right?? ;)
I just want to be creative and have fun being creative. I'm tired of talking about doing things, now I'm writing them down and setting goals for myself. This photo a day project has already taken me out of my box and seeing my life and how not boring it can be.
So while Kelly is at Girl scouts tonight I will make some plans, organize and find some fun project that I can do and some project the kids can do themselves and with me.
Do you have and fun projects in mind??
I'll post a photo of my projects as I complete them.

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Anonymous said...

Geez! Was one of your resolutions to keep us posted more, I think that you have posted more this year than you have in quite a while. Well update. Our baby girl is due the 29th of this month. the adoption should go through with no problem. Ash is living with us until after the baby is born, and we are all extremely excited. We had a false alarm last night, she had contractions, that were registering on the monitor, so they were real, just not strong enough, and they quit shortly after we got to the hospital. The kids are excited, they told me that they were going to the hospital and waiting with us, until she is born. Mike and I are so nervous/anxious/excited. The adoption agency sent me some of the initial application paperwork today, then we need the home evaluation, so it shouldn't be too long after she is born, as long as we can cover the fees, that she will officially be ours!!! Hope all is well, Did you have a good new year? I am still out of work, dealing with a blood clot in my liver, and still some problems with my colon. Not sure when I will be okayed to return to work, but still kind of too tired to try. I am doing everything I can everyday, getting ready for the baby, all my stuff that I have is washed and ready, the bassinet is clean and in place. But of course I keep overdoing it. And by night time, I am ready to collapse. But I will make it through, I am too damn stubborn not too! Love and miss you all!