Monday, March 23, 2009

Okay so I haven't posted in a while. I know this is going to bite me in the butt latter when i need journaling for scrapbooking but I've been kinda busy and i just uploaded 170 photos off my camera.
These past few weeks have been dentist appointments, girl scouts, cleaning, dreaming, scrappin, spring nature photos, cooking. The normal everyday life stuff.

I just ordered 1700 photos from Clark they have a free shipping coupon and it saved me about $35.00 otherwise they have a coupon for .05 prints. just go to there website.

For the first time we were all wearing green on St. Patrick's day. I set up my tripod and snapped a few shots. We had corned beef and cabbage with crash potatoes. Oh so yum.
The kids were so cute, Kelly and I along with her class went to the Fox theatre to see "If you give a pig a pancake". It's a skit based on the book. Along with that skit the cast also performed 6 other skits. The kids and I just loved it and I would like to try going to something like that again.

Hey have you seen my 8month old lately?
what a darn cutie. Chelsea still has those beautiful blue eyes. One tooth and one on the way. Chelsea loves jewelry as she is constantly pulling on my necklaces.
Chels no longer likes to sit contentedly on my lap but thoroughly likes to sit up on the floor and play on the floor. Chelsea rolled over for mom on Saturday night but still won't do it for me. She laughs at anything that Kelly does and when Wyatt gets close enough she is just fascinated by him. Chelsea has the best smiles and the sweetest laugh but watch out when she is unhappy she is a very vocal little thing (like right now) and voices her displeasure whenever she doesn't get what she wants immediately. Oh and you should hear when she growls and groans, no she isn't doodling her diaper this is just the noise she makes when engrossed in something.
Spring is here in Tucson and I love seeing all the gorgeous color instead of the drab brown.
Rob and I have decided to begin making some changes in our back yard. We plan on changing our garden into 3 separate gardens instead of 1 long one. I'm also going to get our pots going again on the patio and put the lillies and daylillies back. I missed all the varieties of lillies we had. I picked up this yellow guy the other day and need to get him potted.
Today I placed on order for these two items. The kids have outgrown (sort of) the one they have and this is what we really always wanted. The monkey bar thing well it's just something extra to have more fun on.
The wood playhouse will be here in about a month. Just in time for the summer heat!. We are planning on putting this in the old dog area, this will now keep Braxton out and I won't have to worry about him peeing on it.
Just doing some spring cleaning and changing things around. Saturday we spent two hours cleaning our fish tank and putting in new plants.

What do you think? This play set had everything I wanted except it doesn't have the wood top, we have the canopy, but still this will keep all the kids who come over very happy. If we ever move the darn thing is going with us.

Have a happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Good morning,
While I know that you have been busy, I'll be the one to say...we have missed your blogs.
So, you all look so cute in green, and I especially like seeing all of you together. The kids just seem to be sprouting, of course it being spring that is exactly what they should be doing..but dang it, I would so like to freeze the time, just for awhile and savor this time with them.
Miss Chelsea, since her tooth has broken through, is so very different. I know she has her moments, but she is a cutie, and I love to get her to laughing just so I can hear her and laugh also.
Lat week when you and Rob were at bunko, I was getting her ready for bed, and was just tickling her and playing and we had such a great time. And it won't be much longer and I'll be around more homework..can we all say amen!!
Well have to finish getting ready for work, have a wonderful day, I love you all.
To all far and near..our thoughts and prayers are with you


Julie G. said...

Cute play set...I wish my neighbors had built something that nice instead of that outhouse thing!!

love the St. Patty's day picture!