Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I would like to thank the blog www.Ilovemythreesons.blogspot for this super cute idea to give to my daughters teacher. The card was inspired by one I saw on the two peas gallery by melibean. I had some KI Memories school papers that I had been hoarding that were just perfect for this project. I didn't copy anyone exactly but it was kind of close. The card is signed by Kelly and also has a $25 visa gift card in it.
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One project ticked off my list. I still need to:
Edit Pops wedding photos, make invites for Chelsea's 1st birthday, make the banner and cupcake toppers for the party, make assortment of cards for card making night at Karen's for her Greece ministry trip. One of the ladies at church asked if Iwould put together a scrapbook that she wanted to give to her sister. And the list goes on.
From what I understand my mom is taking the kids saturday so I might try to knock out pop's wedding photos (300 of them), upload and make them into a book. and then I can tackle some cards. I'm really enjoying card making. It seems to be so much less stress for me. Not that I will give up scrappin my kids but I think all around this is good training. I'm teaching myself to think in layers and to think about the little details that make something so neat.

Kelly's last day is tomorrow and from what her teacher told me yesterday Kelly is having a hard time with the idea that she is going into 2nd grade but her teacher won't be there too. I was wondering if this was going to happen. Kelly does not like change AT ALL. but I know that once she gets going this fall she will have a great year. Rob and I will continue to be positive about the upcoming change.
Happy wednesday

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Anonymous said...

Change is so hard, I remember when we moved from Lincolnshire, you told me you hated me from making us leave, and that you didn't want to go to a different school, but wanted me to bring you back to yours forever. Sooo, the first few weeks at the new school was kind of rough, but you know made new friends and you did fine.
I think this gift is just too cool, you have gotten some of the greatest ideas.
I know Mrs. Watts will miss Kelly, the good thing is with Wyatt in her class, it will give Kelly a good reason to go visit....