Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow what a week.
I haven't even uploaded photos in two weeks.
I've been making cards, learning new techniques, cleaning, etc.
Chelsea is at the stage where she is rarely happy. All she wants to do is stand but that means I have to be able to sit in one spotto hold her hand. Should be easy right? Since I'm already at the computer. Except, she is tall enough that her head can easily bump into the corner of the keyboard drawer. But for the most part it is working like this. Me typing one handed while she wobbles a little beside me. If she chooses to sit her toys are right there also.
So how was your Mothers Day? We came home from church and Rob told me to relax and I finally watched Mama Mia. I think I had this cheesy grin on my face the whole time. It's been a while since I watched a musicial and to put it with ABBA music... whoever thought of this was a genius, so off the wall. The movie was kinda cheesy good and I think it would make great background noise while scrapbooking. So anyway I had a good mothers day.
Well I hope I didn't freak anyone out too much about my last post. My phone has been kinda quiet since I last posted and I haven't really known what to say. Monday was the second anniversary of Kim's death and maybe that's part of my trigger. I just miss the companionship, however toxic it was, I guess.
On to brighter thoughts, My mom, wonderful woman that she is has told me several times that I'm expensive to be around. After introducing her to the cuttlebug and all that craziness, I stumbled on a thread from the 2peas about a rolling bag for the cricut expression. Now the one the company makes for the cricut is like $80. well, leave it to the peas to find one cheaper that works just as well. I called Mom to let her know about it cause she wanted one. Without even asking her she told me to order two. They arrived last night, oh and they were $33 a piece. So for less than the provo craft tote she got two. even with shipping it was still cheaper.
Next week is our last week of school. Kind of happy but also dreading all the fighting. I'm hoping to try and keep the kids busy with crafts or practicing schoolwork.
Rob is waiting to hear if he has an interview for the Tucson Manger job for his company. He has found out that the company has also posted the job on Monster and there has been 77 other applicants but he is the only one in company that put in their resume. This is causing some great stress for Rob, which is . The person hiring for this position is also the person who has approached Rob several times about Safford, Lubbock. Rob is wondering why they seem to be so nonchalant about him in this position. He has been told to," put in your resume and we'll see what happens". So lately Rob has been short and grouchy and Chelsea still isn't sleeping through the night again, and last night was especially rough. I'm hoping and praying that one) Chelsea takes a couple of real good naps today and two) Rob gets some kind of definitive answer soon.
We were talking last night and we are both wondering where are we being lead or what are we being called to do. Example, if he doesn't get Tucson, does that mean the company is going to offer someplace else or something better at a latter date? hmm...
I could keep rambling but why??? :)

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Anonymous said...

Morning daughter,
I do apologize for not answering this days blog, had problems with my internet servers.
You know, I'm very lucky and blessed, on Mothers day, went to church and then went out to dinner with Mikey, Amanda and the boys And then went and had dinner at Carrie's and Rob's. It was good spending time with Inez, I don't get to see her much, and of course the kids were so funny. They kept telling me it was mothers day and that they had to be good...
Mama Mia was a total hoot...I had a smile on my face the whole time, this is definetly not a movie that is mind altering...except to make you laugh, and that I don't get to do enough of.