Thursday, June 18, 2009

I know I run the risk of my Dad seeing this but I like how it turned out and wanted to show it off.

See my Dad is a big Earnhardt fan, and not being the typical Hallmark dad finding any type of card for him is hard.

So long story short. I saw a Fathers Day card on that had Grumpy from the seven dwarfs. My thought was to make a card like that but it soon spiraled into my dad's interests and since I have the cars cart and Chick Hicks kind of look like Big E's monte carlo I thought I would give it a try. The one embellishment that I was to chicken to put on teh car was the Goodyear sticker done in rubons across the bumper. I was too afraid it wouldn't be straight so I didn't do it. Overall I like how it turned out.

To make it into a card I cut two shadows and a small strip of paper scored and glued to each shadow piece. I'll save the inside for Dad. Granted it's going to be late getting in the mail but that's usual for us.

Wyatt just saw the picture and informed me that,"I did him wrong, he's suppose to be green." Almost five year old what can I say.

Our orchid just popped it's first flower of the summer. I'll post some pictures later today. It looks like we will have about 10 blooms this year. Pretty soon Lady Orchid will have a buddy. Rob's mom is getting him another orchid for Father's Day but since Rob doesn't read my blog I haven't ruined the surprise.

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