Thursday, June 18, 2009


Not really, this is what Rob and his mom call these lillies. I don't remember how many years ago we received these flowers but they are a joy every summer.

The original flower came from Rob's grandmothers home in Mississippi. His mom brought the flowers back from one of her trips seeing family. Once they bloomed and needed to be separated we received some. Now we've had to split them up a couple of times and even in the "dry heat" of AZ they flourish. Granted they are facing north so they don't get full sun but they are doing great.

I love when flowers bloom. I think our favorite flowers are irises and lillies.

I was curious and went looking for other photos. July 2005 Wow.

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Anonymous said...

Did not realize that they could be split up, any chance of getting some, especially since I have always admired them.
Weird, remember all my plants when we lived back east...well I've started again, so far I have about six, and wanting to add more..I love plants.
Oh, I'm especially loving all these blogs.