Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks to the ladies on the Cricut message board for the heads up and my need for pink and purple glitter I was enabled/inspired to check out these cool new stamps at Joann's.

I walked away with 19 of these little suckers, but since I have been making so many cards I feel a little justified in my purchase.

Just please don't tell me husband...okay??.... thx

Naw he won't care. He is good like that. He supports my obsession. Hell there have been times when he has encouraged me to buy a few things.

(mom) remember to click on the picture to make it bigger, cause I think you are really going to like the bulldog stamp.

I think there were maybe two stamps that I didn't purchase. But it has been a long time since I saw cute studio g stamps.

From talking to the lady at Michaels they should be doing a dollar bin redo in the next week or so also. Hopefully new stamps???

It's a sick obsession I tell you.


~Jeri~ said...

oh gosh i love these stamps!! must make a trip to J's...sux its almost an hour away though! Have fun with your new stamps! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Ok young lady...thanks for telling me, now I'll have to stop tomorrow after the movie and see if they still have them...and well this will give me a chance to use my 50% coupon also...I am so bad.

You are too funny, sick obsession and you've gotten me hooked. I look at all that I have and while I know it does not even come close I have to laugh, because I can remember the times when I supported you in this habit, now I'm supporting ME. Now I can't wait until I can have more time to get into it...keep your fingers crossed and lots of prayers.