Friday, July 17, 2009

If I would have been paying attention to how fantastic the lightning was going to be last night I would have went for higher ground and gotten some awesome shots. But alas I just hung out under my covered porches and did the best I could.
These are some of my favorites from last night.
(None of them have been cropped or photoshopped as of yet.)
I may have found a couple more to put up on my walls.
I'm hoping we have a few more storms this weekend, I know I will be ready to go.
It's women's night out at Lara's and her home is in a great location to take lightning shots. Tomorrow I'll be back to Lara's for bunco so I'll have another opportunity if, if, if we get more monsoon storms.

I love this shot of the stormy sky illuminated by the lightning.
I'm both terrified and fascinated by lightning. Rob keeps telling me to go on the roof, but that is way too dangerous, especially like last night when the storm is all around me.
We live close to the airplane grave yard and I would love to get some shots with the planes in silhouette. My other photo shot want is to be out by the Desert Museum with all the saguaro's in silhouette.
I can see the photo in my head now I just need to chase it, and work for it.
I'm rambling, sorry. I'm just excited.

My best or should I say favorite from last night. (I think this one will be cropped and put up in the house)
I have laundry to do before I head to women's night, we're going to be crafting and I'm bringing the E and my cuttlebug to teach a few women. Thanks to my demo last time and the great promo for HSN, one of my friends bought the E bundle. The cricut arrived a couple of days ago for her and she would like me to show her a few things.
I know I won't necessarily be productive for myself but I know I will inspire others.
Have a great weekend!
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Amy said...

Great shots! I love them but I could never shoot any like that because I would have been running for cover! That picture you mentioned will look nice cropped and hanging in your home!

Sue said...

Those are great love them

Bug Junkie said...

Love your pics, but they make me shiver. I am scared of lightening! Gotta love a good storm though.

Patty said...

way cool! we had a storm last night too, but nothing like that!

Carol said...

Whoa those are cool.

Anonymous said...

OMG! These photos are stunning! My favorite would be the 2nd to the last...with the trees! I Loveee trees! :) and that is an awesome shot!
I wish I could capture photos like this! 2 thumbs up for you! Awesome job!

Brenda ~ CMB name

Anonymous said...

Great photos. My dad lives in Benson.

Anonymous said...

Wow I LOVE THEM... I have a framed set from a guy at my church he put the verse: Jobs 37/3 on the mat...
I never think to get the camera out and after seeing yours I really need to.....

Anonymous said...

Super fantastic shots...not afraid of storms, just need the equipment, keep it up kiddo.


KreatesKards said...

What great photos, Carrie. We had storms here last night. Next time I should get out the camera too.