Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to.
It hasn't been the best week, could have been worse but it definitely wasn't the best.
as I type this right now I'm watching Ted Kennedy's funeral. What an amazing service. Some of the news people have said that this is a closing of a generation or even a dynasty.
The last lion of a huge family, who reminded us about what his family had accomplished and continued that family vision.
Of course I have learned more about him in the last few days then I had ever known.
Yes, he had a shady past but the work he did should eclipse the mistakes that he made.
Enough about Teddy.
IT"S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! the 34th.
As my mother in law said I'm getting closer to the half century mark.
Today is just another day.
Heck this picture might be the closest that I get to a birthday cake today.
So far I have finished folding and putting away the kids' laundry and that's about it. Rob is at work and the older kids are at Grandmoms until after lunch. Just me and Chels.
I don't know what to do with myself.
Some friends from church are getting together on Monday to start making Christmas cards so I should brave the mess that is my craft room to dig out all my Christmas embellishments and paper.
We had our craft night last night and I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with friends. The ladies and I made plans to get together more often to craft, and I'm even going to learn how to quilt. The end of the evening I was told to take home the chocolate cake that became my breakfast this morning. What a way to kick off the day!
So, right now I'm open to what today may bring. May it be a great day!
Have a happy weekend.
ETA- Rob came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that I'll photograph in the morning. My mother in law bought me a new book and a new cookbook..yum.... plus some other goodies that were from my kids. I had thought that the rest of the night would be quiet, heck I was starting to nap on the couch when my mom showed up with a cake. I still thought it was just us when I was informed that the family was coming over in about 15 minutes! So it turned out to be a very comfortable and relaxing evening with my whole family and hearing our kids laughing and playing in the background.
I should start to plan more family get togethers like this more often, especially now that the cooler weather is on the way.


KreatesKards said...

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

GOTCHA!!!!!! Rob and I were just waiting to see if you still had plans with Julie......should have seen the look on your face to discover you had been set up!

Glad to have been able to spend time with all the family