Monday, August 03, 2009

Mom's makeover

One of Mom's clients gave her a makeover for her graduation gift. My job of course was to give Mom a hard time and play paparazzi.

Now we are not upscale people, want to be, but are not. We are the cost cutters type. This was a very special treat.

Mom's stylist name was Loren and she fit our personalites perfectly, joked with us and was just great.

Here is my Mom before, boy was she nervous. I think it was more because she didn't know what to expect or how nice Loren was gonna be.

Mom was pretty much a blank canvas, a diamond in the rough, a blank page, open to anything, you get the idea.

So after a consultation, Loren asked several questions my favorite being,

Do you want your hair to whisper? a speaking voice? or scream?

The decision was for Mom's hair to talk loudly.

More of "Hey look how great my hair makes me look and feel".
So the two of them got to work.

the coloring part....or....

Tune in Tokyo!!

There's enough foil on your head to prevent alien mind probes.
This isn't the 80's.

You get the picture.

I won't bore you over the 33 pictures I took. I just picked the 3 I thought best described Mom's makeover event.
At one point after the color was rinsed and whatever voodoo they do I was telling Mom about all the bright blond streaks in her hair and how it reminded my of her hair frosting fiasco of 1999. This is before the glaze was put on . I had her wondering there for a minute what she was going to look like.
I believe two of colors were called Mango and Vanilla.
Anyone want a raspado?
Being all girly, checking out her hair.

We both LOVED the way it came out. Loren even colored mom's eyebrows...shhh... don't tell.

At least it looks like she has eyebrows now. hehehe.

It was a great 3 hour experience.

Granted going back for touchups won't take as long but we had fun all the way through.

photo of Mom and Loren.
She'll hunt you down if you let her hard work go to waste Mom!!
Not really, she'll just call you with a freindly reminder.


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Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I had avoided your blog for about a week, because of this...I take really horrible pictures....sooo, not too bad.
I talked to Merrie yesterday, she was thrilled with the highlights, but she said "Lorin would Never let you out of the shop with your hair looking like this....hey wait a minute I've already worked a good six hours" and it's only 108 degrees, and I am not one of those dainty woman who only perspire...I sweat when I work. That's ok Merrie, I love you anyway.
I won't go into details on why Merrie felt that I needed and deserved this day at the salon, suffice to say, she has seen me go through some rough years and wanted to do something nice for just me. And, I appreciated every moment I had.
Love to all