Monday, September 07, 2009

The best September storm (so far)

Last night was an answer to prayer. I asked for a great lightning storm and the opportunity to get multiple lightning shots.

God and mother nature delivered.

All of these shots are from different directions around the city.

None of them have been cropped or altered in photoshop.

I know I can't cover my home in just these type of photos so the idea I had earlier about a lightning scrapbook is looking even better.
(photo 1) looking west across the city

(photo 2) looking northwest across the city

(photo 3) also looking northwest

(photo 4) look out east at the Rincon mountains

(photo 5) same direction east

(photo 6) same as 4+5

(photo 7) looking west - getting closer to me
(photo 8) looking northeast. Scared the crap out of me and I got back into my truck.
(photo 9) I headed south to try and get out of the rain but it wasn't to be. I decided to have fun and see what I could get out the rain spattered window.
This bad boy showed up.
After this I headed back toward home. I got one more with the airplane graveyard in the foreground but it didn't turn out. Maybe some other time.
I actually have about 12-18 photos with lightning in them but these were the best.
thanks for looking!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, those are some awsome pictures. While I was talking to Rob last night I saw a couple out here that made me actually jump...they were that close. But your right, the awsome power is like a magnet, I never get tired of seeing them.