Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you seen my mojo??
Seriously, My creative spirit? My happiness at making things?
I lost it and would like it back please.

I think there are three factors why my mojo has run away.
1. a comment my mil made that hurt
2. my kids' rooms and my scraproom are messy, so everything (to me) is messy. (I'm finding I can't scrap or sew if things are messy)
3. Even if my scraproom was clean, there still isn't enough room to spread out.

And chocolate is not helping in this matter right now. Sigh.
It's just one of those funky off days.

Now in more happy news; my fabric order showed up yesterday and I'm excited about how fast it shipped. it's all so cute.
I need to go buy some thread but hopefully this weekend I can start to work on my gifts.
I should be done fairly quickly if I have the time and money to do so.
First I need to celebrate my oldest daughters 7th birthday!!
It's going to be a quiet family affair but I'll still take plenty of pictures!

Last night I was working on making Christmas cards with my cricut and my diecuts weren't working for me and I got to wondering what I could do to make them "pop".

I had planned to bring some cards to put together and some quilting to stitch for our Womens Craft night tomorrow. But those darn cards and the comment that was made have slapped me upside the head and called me Shirley.
So I guess my funk is also a state of contemplating.
Just typing this out is making me feel better.
Maybe once the yahoo's come home from school I can try to create again, or maybe I'll continue cleaning.

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