Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life has as usual been crazy so I'm gonna post on what we have been up to backwards.
They say variety is the spice of life right?

Yesterday I started to learn how to quilt! I am very excited because this is something I have wanted to learn for several years.
We are beginning with a table runner which is the perfect project for me.
It is also something easy enough that I can make one for each of my family members for Christmas.
Since this is my first quilt project I decided to use some fabric I already had been hoarding.
See once upon a time I wanted to make table cloths for every holiday season. I bought fabric for St. Patty's day, Valentines, Easter and a bit of Christmas. It's all been sitting in a bin waiting.
Well wait no more! I'm happy to be using my stash and accomplishing a goal that I have had for a long time.
So next Monday we will finish with the backing and batting, binding. EEEEEE so excited.

!I'm a big kid now!
Chelsea has figured out how to climb up and sit at the desk like her brother and sister.
She was so proud of herself that she didn't want to get down when it was time for dinner

Chelsea is just growing and discovering things so quickly. She is astounding me left and right. My baby is not so much a baby any more.
We, well she, is now eating more adult food and trying to climb up on the furniture. Learning so many new words and is very stubborn and opinionated.
If Chelsea doesn't like what you tell her she will just start babbling and has been known to smack you for it. Believe me we are working on the smacking part.

Now for the big news....well sorta.....Warning*** put on your sunglasses!!

Kelly has half way moved back into her room!
Rob still needs to put down base boards and some trim and we need to do some decorating but it's now in a livable condition.
With Robs moms help I sewed the curtains for her window and they are now up, sorry no picture.

Kelly's attitude since she moved back in has her on the verge of losing her "new" room. I'm about at my wit's end with my first born, she is yelling at everybody, won't let Chelsea even in her room. To top it off, she has reverted to her messy self and her room was becoming a clothes strewn mess.
All that's in her room is the bed and dresser!!

Her bed set is the Little Miss Mismatched from JcPenney.
It a crazy type of cool and we both love it.
One very noticeable difference with Kelly is that we used to NEVER shut her door. If her door was closed and she was inside she totally freaked out and would cry until the door was opened. Now she keeps her door closed all the time and even sleeps with the door closed.
I have no idea what happened for this changed but I just chalk it up to my daughter growing up on me and getting near those tween years. eeek!
What else?? Still out storm shooting but no luck, I've been reading up on different techniques and places to go shoot. I'm gonna work on my photography because I want to enter the Arizona Highways photo contest, broaden my horizons so to speak :)
I've been going through some older Sunset and Arizona Highways magazines for places to go and things to try in and around Tucson that are family friendly.
It's sad to say that it has taken me 16 years to truly appreciate where I live. Now I want to take off and go explore.
Have you really looked at your town lately??

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Anonymous said...

Well Carrie, I'm darn proud of you for doing this. Mom use to make blankets and quilts for you kids all the time....remember "binky" yep, my daughter finally gave hers up after about twenty some odd years of keeping it with her wherever she went. My mother made that for her..while on one hand it was sad to see it go, it had defintely seen better days.