Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bethlehem Facebook saga continues
Dec 14th
Mary has returned home. It seems she just needed some "alone time". Being a new mommy is a bit overwhelming. She arrived just as the local priests announced a food shortage. It seems a "plague" has destroyed all the food. But good news!! the 3 wisemen and their camel have been sighted!

Dec 16th
Yesterday the Shepherds faithful companion, a beautiful black and white husky looking dog was caught in my kitchen begging for scraps. When I wouldn't give him any he went back to his master. He was VERY hungry. As our family was checking out at Safeway last evening who do you think was hiding in our reuseable grocery bag??? The cashier grabbed him by the scruff of the next and handed him to me. Where then Chelsea immediately put her hand out to hold him. Chelsea must be sneaking him scraps.

Dec 24th
Twas the night before Christmas and we're searching the house, Baby Jesus is missing (again), and Chelsea is as quiet as a mouse (meaning she's not talking). We are not sure where he went, we've looked in all the "normal" spots, but as long as he find him before we go to bed there will be no coal in our stockings.

Dec 26th
Word has come that baby Jesus has been taken by a soldier of King Herod. The search has been hampered by another storm, one created by shredded wrapping paper and all new toys to play with. The recovery effort will be a long and slow as we put the house back to rights. We have faith that the baby will be returned before King Herod can meet out his evil plan. :)

Merry Christmas!
Dec 28th
A classified document has just been leaked stating that Baby Jesus was rescued Dec 28th by two "angels" who found him in the corner of a cave. The accused person involved in the kidnapping has vowed retribution next year.

At the taking of this photo the accused tried to runaway with Joseph.



Anonymous said...

This phrase is simply matchless :), it is pleasant to me)))

Anonymous said...

Wow,where in the heck have I been?? Has Baby Jesus been found yet? If not try checking out the shepards, maybe he hitched a ride with them back to watch over the know how sheep are!!!
But, wow what a wonderful week, I hope you all had a great as one as I did.
Wishing everone near and far the very best.


Anonymous said...
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