Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Tuesday, I believe I have recovered from a fairly busy weekend.

Friday I was in a very bad mood and instead of spreading my venom around I worked on some laundry and cleaning the scrap room.

Rob is happy, he can finally get to his drums, but of course so now can Chelsea.

Yep I heard her banging away that afternoon while I was in the living room taking a break.

So some progress has been made, and again NO I will not post a photo.

Rob and I discussed it and we went out and bought a rain gutter and I'm using it for ribbon storage. I like how it works.

We took the gutter and cut it in half and already I have that one filled, now we are trying to find some room to put up the other one.

On Saturday I went on my very first photo walk!

Rob and I headed downtown early to explore. Downtown Tucson is very eclectic and I love the photographic opportunity. We spent about and hour and half walking around looking for angles and hidden gems to photograph.

I didn't really know some of the spots we explored, little courtyards and fountains.

As we headed for home Rob and I critiqued what we liked and what we would change.

We spent more time walking then taking pictures so next time we plan to "plan out" our next photo walk.

Later that morning we picked up our Girl Scout cookies!!

This is such a nostalgic time for me because I remember going door to door selling cookies.
This is Kelly's first year being able to go door to door and I'm excited for her.
I told Kelly how I wanted this picture to look and she was all for it.
Love her GS thumbs up!
As of this morning we are down to two and a half boxes of cookies left but I need to call the cookie mom to fill some orders cause I'm flat out of some of the flavors.
Tonight the girls have their meeting and I'm about to go make some thank you tags and get ribbon ready.
The Scouts are pushing bundles like my favorite, I love chocolate bundle. The troop leader wants to wrap some bundles in ribbon and I thought it would be nice to add a little Thank you tag.
I'm off to go be creative

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